Youths from IITs and IIMs started startups for farmers, earnings crossed 100 crores

Youths from IITs and IIMs started startups for farmers, earnings crossed 100 crores
After doing BTech from an institute like IIT, it is the dream of every youth to get a great job at a good package, but there are some people who do not believe so. The names of these people are Tauseef Khan, Nishant Vats, Harshit Gupta and Ashish Singh. These four are friends. He has studied from institutes like IITs and IIMs. Worked on the best package too but something else was going on in my heart and mind. Just because he decided to leave the job and turned towards agriculture. Yes, these four friends left the job of a multinational company and started a start-up ‘Gramophone’. This start-up gives information to the farmers about the modern techniques of farming, effective farming and measures to increase production, how much medicine should be used, and when. How did these four friends decide this journey, let us know from them only…

Research started during studies
According to Tausif Khan, the founder of Gramophone, he had decided during his studies that he had to do something in the field of agriculture. However, just then he was not clear what to do. Yes, research was started in this direction. Tausif and his friends used to talk to the farmers.

Stt 1 Youths from IITs and IIMs started startups for farmers, earnings crossed 100 crores

This is how ‘Gramofan’ started
According to Tauseef, he established an office in Indore in the year 2016. During this, Nishant Vats, Harshit Gupta, Ashish Singh were associated with him. Gradually a team of 50 people was formed. After doing complete research related to agriculture across the village, the four friends started the start-up together and named it ‘Gramophone’.

Farmers benefit from start-ups
Farmers get many benefits from start-ups. In these, if any disease is found in the crop, then in what quantity insecticide or fertilizer should be given to it. Apart from this, other information was also provided. Apart from this, a call center has also been established to solve the problems of the farmers.

Start-up started with 6 lakhs

Tauseef says that this startup, which started with Rs 6 lakh in three years, has crossed the 100 crore mark. So far more than 2.50 lakh farmers have got the benefit. At the same time, every day about 3 thousand farmers contact for various solutions, farmers who do not use smartphones have been given the facility to give solutions by giving missed calls even from basic phones.

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