Who is the husband of professional dancer Lauren Oakley, Maximiliano Omar Montes de Oca? net worth and his strict partner


In 2019, Lauren Oakley and Maximiliano Omar Montes de Oca exchanged vows in a wedding ceremony and the couple will soon be celebrating their third wedding anniversary.

Lauren, from Birmingham, was one of four professional dancers who took part in the most recent season of Strictly Come Dancing. Before competing on the show, she had already danced with many famous celebrities.

After working there for about a year and a half, she decided to pursue a career as a dancer instead, eventually rising to dance captain on Burn the Floor.

She has represented England at ten different international dance competitions during her career. He has won the United Kingdom Under-21 Latin Championship three times, the United Kingdom Under-21 Ballroom Championship once and the United Kingdom Under-21 Latin Championship once.

Other highlights of Lauren’s competitive career include winning the prestigious British and United Kingdom Closed Under 21 Ballroom and Latin competitions, as well as her numerous appearances in television and theatre. Lauren may have graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism, but dance will always be her first and foremost love.

Lauren Oakley
Lauren Oakley

A few quick facts

Full name Lauren Oakley
profession Professional dancer
is known Definitely come and dance
race Caucasian
birth place Birmingham, United Kingdom
Nationality British
Marital status married
Husband Maximiliano Omar Montes de Oca
Children No
Hair color Black
Eye color Green

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Maximiliano Omar Montes de Oca Who Is Lauren Oakley’s Husband? You might be surprised!

The marriage between Maximiliano Omar Montes de Oca and Lauren Oakley spanned a considerable period of time. After getting engaged in August 2018, the wedding finally took place the following year in August 2019.

Lauren keeps dropping hints on her Instagram that the two are very much in love. On her Instagram account, she posted a picture from their wedding day and captioned it, “Good thing we got married because I’ll never let you (Maximiliano) go.”

She never misses an opportunity to show her appreciation to her husband, which is a clear sign of the deep respect she has for him. They frequent a variety of stunning locations.

You can find Lauren on Instagram under the account @laurenmayoakley. You can message her there. Her uploads often include videos and footage of her dancing and cute pictures of her and her husband. More than 19.4 thousand people follow him there.

Additionally, Maximiliano can be found on Instagram. However, as she keeps her personal life away from public scrutiny, her account is set to private. Hence, there is very little information about him. On Instagram, he posts under the handle @maximontes93; You can find him there.

Despite Lauren’s busy schedule now and her appearance on Strictly Come Dancing, the couple are very content with their marriage. Although their schedules are very full, we have no doubt that they will find time for each other.

Meet Lauren Oakley’s dance partner on Strictly Come Dancing

Lauren Oakley served as the leading lady for the trio, which included Strictly Come Dancing winner Giovanni Bernice, Strictly Come Dancing judge Anton du Beck and herself. In March 2022, Lauren appeared on Donahey’s Dancing with the Stars weekend at Alton Towers.

On July 11, 2022, it was revealed that Birmingham-born and bred dancer Lauren Oakley was one of four new professionals to join the cast of Strictly Come Dancing 2022.

Strictly Come Dancing Series 20 features three new dancers: Vito Coppola, Carlos Gu and Michelle Tsiakas. Coppola won the European Cup, Gu won the Chinese National Championship, and Chiakas won the Latin Dance Championship. Gu won the Chinese National Champion title.

The multi-award-winning dance show will feature the most extensive line-up of professional dancers in the show’s entire history, with repeats on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. It will bring glitter, sparkle and incredible dancing back into the homes of Americans across the country.

Additionally, she has already performed alongside previous contestants on Strictly Come Dancing

Lauren is a dance captain and dancer with Burn the Floor, and her profile on LinkedIn indicates she travels the world with the company. On the Burn Nation dance floor, she is an experienced ballroom and Latin dancer and dance and fitness instructor from the West Midlands.

While a member of Burn the Floor, he performed throughout South Africa, Australia, China, Europe, North America and Japan.

As a result of her involvement in Kevin and Joan Clifton’s upcoming event, titled Kevin & Joan Clifton, she has danced with many of the former Strictly Come Dancing stars.

In addition, he appeared during the Him & Me tour performed by Giovanni Bernice and Anton du Beck, and can be seen in various photos uploaded during that time.

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What is the total net worth of Lauren Oakley?

Lauren Oakley’s current net worth is estimated to be hundreds of thousands of dollars; But, if she wins Strictly Come Dancing, she will surely amass a considerable sum of money which will increase her current net worth.

The first thing the winning couple take home from Strictly Come Dancing is the Glitterball trophy. Or at least, a more tame interpretation of something dazzling we see on television.

According to Metro, it was previously claimed that each star received a cool £25,000 for agreeing to appear on the show, although this has not been officially confirmed. However, this has not been officially confirmed. The winning participants will reportedly receive £100,000 each for their participation in the scheme.

On top of these fees, strict tour participants also have the opportunity to earn more money by taking advantage of their waiting time in line.

According to an article published by the Daily Mail, the annual salary of a professional dancer is £50,000. Considering the amount just indicated, it is very clear that he earns a huge income even just by participating in the performance.

A glimpse into his professional career

First and foremost, Lauren is a dance instructor at heart. According to her profile on LinkedIn, she started in January 2006 and continued until December 2009 as a dance instructor at Dance Warehouse.

There she taught students of many ages and skill levels how to ballroom and Latin dance. Additionally, she leads both group classes and individual sessions for individuals.

In 2011, she appeared as a guest dancer on the BBC show Strictly Come Dancing and performed several dances. She volunteered her time to help Strictly Come Dancing viewers with a “Strictly Experience Day”.

He also participated in a program held on “Strict Experience Day”. He performed for approximately two hundred people, including the champions of the Strictly competition. In addition, he was an assistant teacher for a dance routine used for a station sign.

A little over a year later, Lauren was hired by Global Radio. Initially, he was an intern in the programming department from July 2011 to August 2011. During that time, he observed two three-hour programs for each radio station, and produced them with the station’s listeners in mind.

In addition, he provided the reporting team with audio recordings and vox pops from the interview. He observes breakfast show hosts and producers, follows them during their daily broadcasts, and participates in meetings related to the planning and production of the show.

His promotion took effect in August 2011. He served in that capacity till November 2012. During her time as a member of the radio station’s advertising staff, Lauren was responsible for promoting the brand. Representing the station and maintaining communication with the station’s target audience.

He participated in local, regional and national events, collected audio, video and photo content for the website and marketed the company.

Participation in other events and competitions

Born and raised in Birmingham, Lauren started dancing at the age of two and has been competing in ballroom and Latin dance events since she was seven.

She won the British Closed Championship three times as a result of her constant effort and natural talent, which contributed to her success in three major international tournaments.

Her career as a competitor continued and she achieved many significant milestones, winning the prestigious British Closed Under 21 Ballroom and Latin titles, as well as the United Kingdom.

He has represented England in many international competitions over the years. He has won the United Kingdom Under-21 Latin Championships, the United Kingdom and British Under-21 Ballroom Championships and the British Under-21 Latin Championships for two consecutive years.

An alumna of Lauren’s broadcast journalism show, Kevin and Joan Clifton had her as a guest on the 2020 episode of An Evening with Kevin & Joan Clifton. Strictly Theater Co. is a Norfolk-based production business specializing in the production of theatrical plays that travel throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Lauren Oakley
Lauren Oakley

Early years and the family

Lauren has not disclosed any information about her family. Given the frequency with which he features in his Instagram posts, it would appear that he is very close to his grandfather.

However, since that father is dead, he doesn’t post about him as regularly as he did in the past. Following his death, she posted the following message on Instagram: “Now more than ever, I want to be home. You, Grant, are the only love of my life.

Regarding Lauren’s education background, she studied at City College of Technology and Nottingham Trent University.

Dancing was her early interest, so it seems her parents encouraged her to pursue it as a career. Everyone is interested in learning more about her upbringing. So, we hope he talks more about them in the future.

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