Who is the Corn Kid? 7-year-old Tariq became a TikTok sensation


Tariq was in an episode of Rhesus Therapy, a web series hosted by comedian Julian Shapiro-Barnum, in which he talks to children on playgrounds.

Tariq was in one episode. A video of him eating corn and saying, “I can’t think of anything more beautiful than corn” went viral very quickly.

Tariq’s internet fame took him to new heights. He attended actor Drew Barrymore’s show and was named the official “Corn-Passer” of South Dakota.

Tariq is 7 years old
Tariq is 7 years old

Who is the Corn Kid?

7-year-old Tariq became famous online as the “Corn Kid” when he talked about his favorite food.
Tariq confused the host and the audience when he said, “Since he said the corn was real, it tasted good.” But when he said, “Have a corntastic day!” He was the host, his grandmother and made millions of people happy.
The original video has been viewed by more than 5 million people, and the music group The Gregory Brothers turned it into a song called “It’s Corn”.
The music team and Tariq and his family will share the money from people streaming the song.
When Tariq and his family moved to South Dakota, Governor Christie made the Nome Corn Kit the state’s “official corn-passer.”

Noem issued the statement making September 3rd “Official Corn-Basadar Tariq Day.” In the statement, “South Dakota leads the nation in corn production. It feeds people around the world, but especially a 7-year-old boy named Tariq who discovers that corn is real.

Tariq’s mother, Jessica, found out her son had gone viral when his relatives in Europe sent her a video, saying, “Isn’t this Tariq?

On September 13, Tariq went on The Drew Barrymore Show, a talk show hosted by Drew Barrymore. He and the host tried corn-flavored dishes.

Corn has made a comeback thanks to a kid who got everyone’s attention on the Internet by talking about how much he loves the food.

If you’ve been on TikTok and noticed the crazy content about corn, here’s why. The memoir “Corn Kid” is about a child named Tariq. If you haven’t already, you should check out his lively, short and sweet interview about corn (and not much else).

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Why are so many people talking (and singing) about corn?

Corn-related content first caught my attention. As I was scrolling through my TikTok “For You” page at the end of August, I saw several videos using the same soundtrack.

The song is based on an interview with the web show Rhesus Therapy, which asks questions for children. In that interview by Julian Shapiro-Barnum, a boy named Tariq speaks passionately about corn next to a microphone.

Tariq is missing a front tooth and wears a shirt with pictures of double-decker buses. During the interview, he holds the ground corn in his hand and takes a bite or two of it.

Shapiro-Barnum asks him how the corn is. “A big lump with bubbles,” he says. Tariq says corn costs $1 and wishes everyone a “corntastic” day.

At the time of writing, @schmoyoho’s version of the song had 10 million likes. Over 1 million videos using the song have people ranking the lyrics, jamming out, and showing Corn Kid tribute artistry. There are versions in musical theatre, punk and emo styles. Actor and musician Kevin Bacon also joined the trend by releasing a good acoustic version of the Corn Kid song.

A video of The Corn Kid on Cameo can be ordered for $220. He starred in a Chipotle commercial. People sometimes call him “the CEO of corn.”

South Dakota made the corn kit its official “corn-passer” earlier this month. No one is better for a job than you.

What is the name of the corn kit?

Tariq has talked a lot about corn, but we don’t know much about the kid who started the meme.

When he’s not saying funny things about corn, he likes to play games like tag and hide and seek.

“I play a lot of games, but I don’t play Lava Monster,” says Tariq on Rhesus Therapy.

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How do I watch an interview with Corn Kid from the beginning?

If you’re familiar with the corn song and want to watch Tariq’s interview from early August, you can find it on Rhesus Therapy’s YouTube channel.

Julian Shapiro-Barnum, host of Rhesus Therapy, tells about the first corn day.

In July, Julian Shapiro-Barnum visited a boy in a Brooklyn park. “Good corn on the cob,” said the host of the popular web show Rhesus Therapy to a 7-year-old boy.

You already know what came next. Tariq goes on and on about his favorite yellow dish, now called the “Corn Kid” by many. The video went viral thanks to its infectious enthusiasm and hilarious puns, making corn the vegetable that other vegetables aspire to be.

“I mean, look at this,” says Tariq, pointing to a half-eaten corn cob. “I can’t think of anything more beautiful.”

The Corn Kit quickly gained popularity on the Internet. In early August, Tariq did an interview for Rhesus Therapy. Since then, more than 3.4 million people have seen it on YouTube (one post on TikTok got more than 23 million views.) 716,000 TikTok videos and counting use the catchy song version of the interview.

“I don’t know if he would have brought it up,” Shapiro-Barnum tells me via Zoom. “But he was willing to talk about it.”

Since the show hit social media in 2021, other rhesus therapy clips have gone viral. (You may have crossed paths online with a kid named Dillon who’s crazy about Komodo dragons.) Still, the show’s creator, Shapiro-Barnum, 23, says she never thought Tariq’s interview would become so popular.

The child’s sincere thanks for the snack warmed the heart of the spoiled brats as well. South Dakota Tariq performed his “Corn-Passer” and actor Kevin Bacon played an acoustic guitar version of the song. People still pay tribute to the Corn Kid by dressing up in funny costumes, creating cool chalk art, and making their own gobs.

In a weird way, it’s wonderful to see someone find so much joy in something so simple.

Julian Shapiro-Barnum conducts Rhesus therapy

The Instagram account for Rhesus Therapy has 2.4 million followers and is full of cute and funny interviews with young children. (Shapiro-Barnum says she likes to talk to kids ages 4 to 7, but it’s clear that adults are more interested in the corn kit.) In recess therapy videos, kids talk about all kinds of things, from the environment to gratitude. For dinosaurs.

Shapiro-Barnum says, “It’s like a fun, feel-good, awkward interview show where my friends and I walk around Brooklyn, New York, and sometimes other places to see what the kids there are thinking and talking about.”

On Zoom, Shapiro-Barnum seems fun and excited about what he’s doing. “I think he got his corn,” he tells Tariq as he talks about their meeting. “He felt it.” When I ask him which other Rhesus Therapy Corn Kid fans to watch, he points me to Miles and Sloan.

“We ask everyone who walks by,” he says, adding that the Recess Therapy videos are produced not just by him, but by a team of people.

Shapiro-Barnum says, “A lot of people say no.” “You never know what you’re going to get. I’m always surprised and delighted by what kids say.

During a food festival in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, she filmed an interview with Tariq. Tariq’s grandmother, an elderly woman, can be seen laughing sideways in the video.

    Tariq is 7 years old
Tariq is 7 years old

Less than 15 minutes passed while they were talking. We have already seen the first two. I asked Shapiro-Barnum for outtakes, but he said the best parts were already there.

Shapiro-Barnum couldn’t explain why the corn kit was so popular. “It’s a matter of luck what the Internet finds,” he says, but Tariq’s reaction to corn seems all too real.

Shapiro-Barnum says, “It’s very gratifying, in a weird way, to see someone find so much joy in something so simple.” “I think it’s hard to find good stuff and stuff that makes you feel good these days. Even a lot of “uplifting content” I feel compelled to quote and quote.”

Shapiro-Barnum has already spoken to Tariq twice. In the second, he has a moment that sticks in his mind. Tariq talks even more about his favorite lumpy snack, corn, and has a “corn sword fight” with Shapiro-Barnum.

Shapiro-Barnum says, “It was really bad.” The two were eating and pounding corn, “kernels and other things were everywhere. It was a good time. He is very funny.

Shapiro-Barnum said that while Tariq didn’t engage in interviews, the whole thing was “really fun” for the corn-loving kid.

Seven-year-old Tariq became one of the most talked about kids on the internet when he spoke passionately about why he loves corn.

In a video posted Aug. 4 on Instagram by children’s interview show “Rhesus Therapy,” Tariq called the corn a “big bumpy lump” and said, “I can’t think of anything cuter.” He then smiled and told the crowd, “Have a nice day.”

The internet quickly fell in love with Tariq’s enthusiasm and funny comments about the vegetable. The video went viral overnight on Instagram, where it now has 27 million views on “Rhesus Therapy’s” page.

The song is the most popular on TikTok with over 900,000 videos.

Tariq is now a total internet superstar. He gives interviews to American talk shows and news outlets, and has met and filmed Mr. Beast, the most popular YouTuber in America. His family set up a temporary account for him on Cameo, a website where celebrities post personalized messages for fans for a fee. Pricing starts at $145, and the account is set up for him.

After all, the state of South Dakota gave Tariq the title of “Corn-Passer.”

“Rhesus Therapy” host Julianne Shapiro-Barnum told Insider that she met Tariq while filming Interviews in Brooklyn, New York, which involves asking young children what they think about various topics.

Little did he know that his simple questions would help Tariq become famous so quickly.

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