Who is Horseman Michael Parison and where is he now?


Who is Horseman Michael Parison and where is he now?

The shooting happened at a horse farm in Washington Township, New Jersey, and an episode of CBS News’ “48 Hours: The Shooting of Lauren Kanarek” digs into the legal proceedings following the incident. At the center of it all was a well-known dress coach named Michel Parison. One of his students, Lauren Kanarek, was shot and killed by him in August 2019, and he was arrested for attempted murder after the incident. Consequently, if you are curious to know what happened after the incident and where he is today, we have the answers for you.

Michael Parison
Michael Parison

Who is Michael Parison?

During the 2008 Olympics, Michael Parison served as a reserve for the United States dressage team. After competing for her country, she established herself as a respected dressage instructor and began working with various elite athletes. Michael has coached many Olympic athletes including Boyd Martin and Alison Brock. The latter even came away with a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics. Michael owned two horse farms at the time of the incident, one of which was in Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey. This is where things started to go sideways.

Around the same time in March 2018, Michael invited Lauren Kanarek to start training with him and invited her and her fiance, Robert Goodwin, to live on the property with them. But by the summer of 2019, things had already started to go in the wrong direction. As a result of Lauren feeling she didn’t get enough instruction from Michael at the time, she turned to social media to capture what was happening. Michael emphasized, “Horrifying things come out on social media.” I feel complete panic and total panic. Everyone says I’ve lost my cool. I was all over the place.

Michael Parison: What did he do?

Lauren made accusations of racism and homophobia against Michael, as well as accusations that Michael and his girlfriend at the time, Mary Gray, were responsible for his bullying. Michael insists that Lauren and her companion broke their promise to leave the property after training, but Lauren denies this. She has dialed the emergency number several times, during which she has alleged that Jodi was staying and harassing her. Michael also indicated that he feared for his life, but he thought the authorities were only treating the case as a landlord-tenant conflict. Michael said he feared for his life.

Michael’s argument with Lauren finally came to a head on August 7, 2019, when Lauren was shot twice in the chest and suffered two gunshot wounds. He was able to positively identify Michael as the shooter and was soon taken to jail. His lawyer later said he was briefly insane during the incident, but said he was acting in self-defense when he shot the victim. In addition to the social media posts on Michael’s part, Lauren and her partner were spotted beating Michael up and their dog attacking him in the minutes before the shooting.

Additionally, Lauren is rumored to have secretly recorded conversations between Michael and his crew in the months leading up to filming. Security records for Michael said it was illegal. Apart from that, he had also contacted SafeSport, an organization that prevents abuses in the Olympic Games, to file a complaint against Lauren. Michael went so far as to hire a private investigator to investigate Lauren’s history and investigate her background.

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Michael Parison, an Olympic dressage rider, is arguably best known outside of the equestrian community as “the man who taught Stephen Colbert to ‘piaffe'” on television. Parison is credited as “the guy who taught Stephen Colbert how to piaf it.”

He is considered one of the “big guys” by dressage enthusiasts as he is a member of a very exclusive club of notable riders who have competed in the Olympics as a team member and coach.

Events often refer to him as “working with Olympic team members Philip Dutton, Boyd Martin and Clark Montgomery.” He has also trained many riders who have achieved significant success.

Our team at STRIDER was able to catch up with him for a rare free minute over lunch during a recent clinic at Spreiser Sporthorse in Marshall, Virginia. He hails from Long Valley, New Jersey and Loxahatchee, Florida.

Keeping up with Parison is not an easy task as he is a constant performer. When he is not coaching his students in various national and international competitions, he often travels by car or plane to conduct clinics. When he teaches, he often changes positions, from sitting on a chair to standing in the middle of the arena, so that he can better illustrate his points.

Many dressage and event riders find Michael Parison’s teaching style inspiring due to his high level of energy.

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When he teaches, Parison is noted for his wit and charisma, and he often strives to make it interesting and accessible to his students. We wanted to know what kind of rider he enjoys training and what he wants to learn from the riders who come to his clinics, so we quizzed him on those topics.

For someone who has had a long and successful career that has included over 100 CDI Grand Prix wins, including a World Cup gold medal (Hickstead, 1997), one might assume that Parisonne riders are not particularly interested in coaching. Not ready to reach 80% in Grand Prix. However, this would be a false assumption. Parison is very passionate about teaching riders who are ready to reach 80% in Grand Prix. Luckily for those in our neighborhood that’s not all!

His aim for the riders and spectators at the clinic is not that they will be ready to tackle every maneuver from the Grand Prix; Instead, he expects them to come prepared to “listen and explore new ideas.”

“It doesn’t matter if you have a green kid who disobeys your direction or you’re tasked with cleaning up two-tempo transitions before regional finals,” he said. “It’s all the same thing.” “To progress in this sport, you must be interested in understanding the fundamentals of riding. A thorough command of the basic ideas is critical to achieving one’s goals.

According to Parison, “If someone has a problem, I can help them overcome it and succeed, and that makes me happy.” “At the end of the day, if someone has a problem, I can help them overcome it and succeed.”

One of our deepest desires as riders is to discover and put into practice a secret of horse training that, if applied, will propel us to the pinnacle of fame and fortune. Parison assures us, “There are no quick miracle wins,” but this is not the case.

Parison is the first to admit that meticulous adherence to the fundamentals of horse training can often seem time-consuming and lacking a certain amount of glamour. He emphasizes the importance of the following statement: “It may be boring at times, but it will get you further than any other strategy.

This theme can be heard clearly echoing in all of Parison’s teachings and in his riding. He gently reminds cyclists, “Giving up doesn’t work…Determination will get you ahead of everything else.” This is one of the many ways he encourages riders to persevere in their endeavors.

We asked Parison if his younger, more determined self might have gained some insight from the knowledge his years of relentless dedication have given him.

“It is essential for everyone to have a strong foundation. In no way does it make any difference how talented or gifted your horse is. He said that the individual needs the basics. “Even if you have a really one-of-a-kind horse, you shouldn’t treat him any differently than any other horse. He should remain calm and behave normally.

After that, he elaborated on one of his favorite educational analogies. “Educating horses is like raising young children. No matter how far these children go in life, all must behave the same to pass the eighth grade. Make no allowances for a horse’s exceptional ability, and make no special rules for his misbehavior.

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Michael Parison
Michael Parison

Where is Michael Parison at this moment?

The legal team for Michael Parison called an expert witness to testify that their client was “temporarily insane.” The insider attributed it to Lauren’s behavior, which included making controversial posts on social media. As a result, Michael was diagnosed with a delusional state by the attending physician. In addition, Michael stated that he remembers entering his office, but does not remember taking out the gun or shooting Lauren.

In response to the defense’s claims, the prosecution presented their own medical expert, who cast doubt on Michael’s claim that he only remembered certain events from that day. Despite this, Michael was found not guilty by reason of insanity of one count of attempted first-degree murder against Lauren in April 2022. Michael was 58 years old at the time. Apart from this, the jury concluded that he was not responsible for the attempted murder of Robert and therefore acquitted him of both counts of the weapons charge.

In September 2022, a court ordered Michael to receive treatment at Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital, located in Morris Plains, New Jersey. We will assess his progress at a hearing in the next six months. After the incident, the property in New Jersey was sold, and he was left on his second farm in Florida. After his release from prison, he planned to go there and live on the farm. Michelle’s friend Laura Osbourne and the entire fashion community have been very supportive of her. Until May 2022, he is still banned from taking part in Safesport events, although Laura is hopeful the ban will not be indefinite.

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