Who is Alex Bersten and Raisa Bersten? Allan Burston Parentage, Family and Heredity


Alan Bersten’s parents, Alex and Raisa Bersten, taught both children dance at an early age.

Burston is a well-known professional ballroom and Latin dancer. She started dancing as a child and rose to fame as a contestant on Season 8 of So You Think You Can Dance. She is also well known as a professional dancer on the ABC dance competition show (DWTS) “Dancing with the Stars”.

The dancer was born on May 26, 1994 in Minnesota, USA. Astrologer says his star is Gemini and he is an American citizen.

Although Bersten and her siblings had never danced before, her parents wanted them to dance when they were young. They also opened a ballroom dance studio for them.

Alan Burston is best known for Sanders Shorts (2013), Dancing with the Stars: Juniors (2018) and Las Vegas Morning Blend (2010), according to IMDb.

    Alan Burston
Alan Burston

Who Are Alan Bersten Parents Alex Bersten and Raisa Bersten?

Alan Bersten is the son of Raisa and Alex Bersten. Allan Bersten and Jean Bersten are the names of their sons.

Alex and Raisa Burston always wanted Alan and his siblings to start dancing when they were younger. He and his brother Gene worked together in the studio.

Alan’s brother, who is interesting, teaches him to dance. She still teaches dance at the same studio on the Minnesota Mall.

Allen was a dancer and choreographer on the ABC show Dancing with the Stars for about five years. In 2015, she was offered a recurring role in the sixth season of the popular musical television show Glee (2009).

The dancer feels very lucky to have very supportive parents. He said that his parents played a big role in his success.

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Alan Burston will be 28 years old in 2022

Based on his date of birth, Alan Burston will be 28 years old in 2022.

Burston started dancing at the age of seven. As he got older he excelled in contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, Bollywood and Broadway music. She won youth championships and under-21 national titles with her various dances.

Dance is 2 meters tall and weighs 78 kg. His height is perfect for a dancer of his stature.

Initially, Burston was sent to dance classes to help her excel in dance. He has participated in many school level dance competitions. He has also won many awards for his dancing since childhood.

Does Alan Burston have a girlfriend?

Alan Burston started dating model Paige in 2016 for Mark Pallas on Dancing with the Stars. But eventually they broke up.

Allen was linked to Paige, a professional wrestler and model, in 2016 while filling in for Paige’s pro partner Mark Pallas while a member of the DWTS team.

Later on DWTS Season 27, Alan’s dance partner said she was starting to like Alan, and Alan said she was right. The couple finished fourth on the 27th season of Dancing with the Stars.

Alan’s relationship with his girlfriend from the dance floor lasted a few months after the show ended, but in December 2018, they broke up.

On season 28 of Dancing with the Stars, he was paired with fellow Bachelorette star Hannah Brown, with whom he won the title. But both denied the rumors and said they want to remain friends.

Alan Burston is also unmarried and has never had a wife or relationship. On Valentine’s Day 2022, Allen also wrote in his Instagram caption that he was single.

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Does Allen Burston stand up for LGBTQ people?

In the LGBTQ community, Alan Burston has a lot of fans. But since he is very clear about his support, people should not make assumptions based on how he feels about society and its well-being.

The actor is straight because he has been linked to several divas in the past and told Rance how he felt about her as a girl.

Alan Burston Net Worth

Hubpages.com says Alan Bersten will get $125,000 for signing and the winner will get $360,000.

Allen has been on DWTS since 2016 and has made a lot of money from the ABC show. Her main way of earning money is working as a dancer.

Alan is a dancer and choreographer, but he has a huge fan following on the Internet. On the 28th season of Dancing with the Stars, many cheered for him and his dance partner Hannah Brown.

It’s not clear how much he earns, but apart from the money he earns from shows and tours, he seems to have some endorsement deals. On Facebook, she promotes FrownClothing and tells her followers to like the brand’s page.

Also, the artist has a good net worth if he uses his social media profile to promote different brands.

Alan Burston first started dancing at the age of seven

He started competing right away and quickly won youth championships and under-21 national titles.

She participated in “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 10, where she finished in the top six. While he was on the show, he performed a contemporary dance with his eyes closed that enthralled the audience.

After the show, the American dancer and her fellow show dancers traveled to North America. They then went on the “Burn the Floor” tour. When he returned, he was offered a recurring role on the sixth season of the TV show Glee.

Burston has been on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” for five years. He has also traveled with other groups.

During season 24, he was paired with co-star Heather Morris. In Season 25, she danced as a professional for the first time with singer-songwriter Debbie Gibson.

Alan Burston
Alan Burston

Who is Alan Burston?

Alan Burston is a famous Latin dancer.

Who is Alex Bersten and Raisa Bersten?

Alan Bersten’s parents are Alex and Raisa Bersten. Alan is a famous dancer.

When is Alan Burston’s birthday?

Alan Burston’s birthday is May 26.

How old is Alan Burston?

In 2022, Alan Burston will be 28 years old.

Life at home

Burston was born and raised there. His family has Russian roots. He started dancing at the age of 7.

In 2018, Burston was on tour with Dancing with the Stars when she began experiencing stomach pains. A blood test showed he had symptoms of hyperparathyroidism, caused by a tumor in one of his parathyroid glands. The next day, he underwent surgery to remove his left parathyroid. After a week off, Burston went back to work.

In season 20, Burston joined the cast and began working on Dancing with the Stars. He remained in the role for four more seasons, until season 25, when he became an actual partner for the first time.

In the second week of season 22, Burston danced salsa with Paige VanZandt because VanZandt’s regular partner, Mark Pallas, injured his back during rehearsals. Perston only had one day to learn the entire dance, but performed it live the next day. In season 24, Burston danced with Heather Morris for four weeks while Morris’ regular dance partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy recovered from an injury.

In season 25, Burston was made a professional partner and was paired with Debbie Gibson, a singer-songwriter and Broadway actress from the 1980s.

The pair were evicted from the show after two weeks and came in 12th place.

Both Sharna Burgess and Burston were on the official poster for the season.

Mirai Nagasu, an Olympic figure skater, was Perston’s partner for season 26. In the third week the pair finished fourth with Chris Mustzer and partner Whitney Carson and Jenny Finch Tagle and partner Keo Motsepe.


Alan Burston was born and raised in Minnesota. She started dancing at the age of seven. As she grew up she learned contemporary dance, jazz, hip-hop, Bollywood and Broadway. She won the youth championship and the under-21 national title with her various dances.

Burston was one of the top 6 male finalists on Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance. He was 18 years old then. Blindfolded did one of the best contemporary pieces ever done on the show. He toured North America with So You Think You Can Dance, and later toured the world with Burn the Floor. After going on a world tour, she landed a recurring role on season 6 of Glee as a member of the chorus of The Voice Adrenaline.

Burston has been part of the professional crew on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars for five seasons. This has given him an opportunity to showcase his talent as a dancer and choreographer. Due to Maksim Chmerkovskiy’s injury, she spent four weeks dancing with celebrity Heather Morris in season 24. In season 25, she danced with singer/songwriter Debbie Gibson for the first time as a professional dancer. Burston was a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars: Athletes for the second time. He appeared on Dancing with the Stars: Live! Five times.

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