What is Georgie Stone’s net worth?


Georgie Stone knew she was a girl from an early age, but she was born (May 20, 2000) along with her twin brother Harry to actors Rebecca Sarah Robertson and Gregory Jonathan Stone. As a result, she was eager to begin treatment with hormone blockers at the age of 10. Subsequently, she has steadily grown to become one of the most outspoken advocates for transgender rights in her native Australia. Now that we know that he works in the entertainment industry as an actor and writer, the next logical step is to further investigate his public life, career path and current estimated net worth. Can we do that please?

Georgie Stone
Georgie Stone

How did Georgie Stone achieve her financial stability?

As Georgie Stone has always known the truth, her interests have always focused on stereotypically feminine activities such as ballet, dressing up and maintaining long hair. This is for as long as she can remember. As a result, when she turned 10 and testosterone began to take its toll on her body, she immediately made an appointment with her doctor to begin taking hormone blockers to prevent the immediate masculinizing effects of puberty. She would have experienced otherwise. Although he had the support of his parents, he continued to experience anxiety as the entire transgender treatment medical process in Australia at the time was controlled by the courts, which often made access impossible.

Fortunately, the family court quickly granted Georgie the required puberty suppression, making him the youngest person in Land Down Under to undergo the same treatment at age ten. With this, he became the youngest person to receive the same treatment. She didn’t come out publicly about her gender identity until three years later, and began undergoing hormone replacement therapy when she was 15 (in 2015), further inspiring her to become an advocate for transgender rights. This is because the courts are still involved; Her subsequent popularity played a significant role in changing the law, which forced her community to pursue legal processes in order to receive essential medical care.

Since then, Georgie has continued her work as a transgender rights advocate and public figure, but she also followed in the footsteps of both her parents and became a member of the entertainment industry. She currently works as an actress and writer, and has shared her life experiences in shows like “Australian Story,” “Advice to My 12-Year-Old-Self” and “The Dream Life of Georgie Stone.” All of which can be found on Netflix. In fact, Georgie 2019 We must highlight that he made his debut in the industry when he enrolled at the University of Melbourne to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in the year 2015, which clearly shows that his goals are to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Georgie joined the cast of Australian soap opera ‘Neighbors’ in early 2019, playing the guest role of Mackenzie. Mackenzie was the first trans character to appear on the show. Georgie is said to be promoted to the main cast in 2020. It is a very positive development that he has had a major success since then. The fact that she not only co-wrote an episode in the same year, but was also considered a candidate for the “Best Daytime Star” award at the 2020 Inside Soap Awards is a testament to this. It is important to point out that Georgie is also an ambassador for the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, the Pinnacle Foundation, Where It’s Purple Day and the Royal Children’s Hospital Gender Service. All these things are very important.

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Amount of wealth owned by Georgie Stone

Although Georgie Stone is still young, it appears that the challenges he has overcome, the hardships he persevered through, and the financial comfort he has achieved are commensurate with his accomplishments. As well as maintaining a substantial presence on social media, he is also seen as the recipient of the 2017 Youth Human Rights Medal, the 2018 Victorian Young Australian and the 2019 Australian LGBTI Hero of the Year Award. It will help in this matter. In light of this, our most educated guesses indicate that Georgie Stone, who will be awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2020, has an overall net worth of around $2 million.


Stone appeared on Four Corners in 2014, during which she discussed her time in court and her efforts to change the First Level Treatment Act. Along with several families with children who identify as transgender, Stone traveled to Canberra in February 2016 to speak to legislators about amending the law. In light of the controversy surrounding the Safe Schools Coalition and the importance of the program, both Stone and her mother were asked to participate in interviews for the program. Later that year, Stone and her family shared their story on an episode of Australian Story.

In August 2016, Stone launched a petition on change.org in an attempt to garner support for legal reform. Stone has endorsed transgender people being allowed to use a restroom that aligns with their gender identity, the importance of the Safe Schools Coalition and the Pride Center located in St Kilda.

Stone was selected to serve as a judge at the 2017 GLOBE Community Awards.


Additionally, Stone was a guest on an episode of the television series Advice to My 12-Year-Old-Self that aired on October 11 as part of ABC Me’s International Women’s Day, which is observed annually on October 11. The show consists of 37 interviews with notable Australian women, each exactly two minutes long and broadcast at the start of the show. At the end of 2017 Stone was appointed as the official ambassador for the gender service at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

In 2018, Stone was appointed ambassador for a number of events including the Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, Wear It Purple Day and the AFL Pride Game. In 2019, Stone was honored to be appointed as an ambassador for The Pinnacle Foundation.

In late 2019, it was announced that Stone would produce and star in a 20-minute documentary about her own life titled The Dreamlife of Georgie Stone, which would be directed by Maya Newell. The documentary will be about the life of Georgie Stone. The 28-minute long documentary made its international debut at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City in June 2022, and later debuted in Australia at the Sydney Film Festival. Stone, Newell, Sophie Hyde and others are co-producing the film.


In March 2019 Stone made her debut in the Australian television soap opera Neighbours, playing the recurring role of Mackenzie Hargreaves. She approached the show’s producers a year in advance with the idea of ​​casting the show’s first transgender character, and they accepted her proposal. Stone began filming her scenes in early June, and episodes will air later in the year. Stone said that Mackenzie had become “a little bit edgier by his travels, a little bit cynical, a little bit hardened by his experiences.” While she is vulnerable with others, she is described by her friend as “nice, sensitive and wonderful”.

In September 2019, it was announced that Stone would reprise her lead role in a Neighbors spin-off show called Neighbours: Erinsborough High, given the working title Erinsborough High. The series was available to watch on My5 and 10 Play in the month of November. It consisted of five chapters dealing with “issues that greatly trouble children today – bullying, mental illness, sexuality, racial inequality, parental and social pressure, and teacher-student relationships.” On October 19, 2019, it was revealed that Stone would be promoted to a regular cast member in early 2020. She co-wrote an episode of Neighbors that aired in July 2020 alongside Jason Herbison, the show’s executive producer. .

Stone received recognition for her work in the industry by being considered for the “Best Daytime Star” award at the upcoming 2020 Inside Soap Awards.

Georgie Stone
Georgie Stone

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2022 Georgie Stone’s Dream Life himself Short documentary


2014 Four corners himself Episode: Being Me
2016 An Australian story himself Episode: About a Girl
2019–2022 next door Mackenzie Hargreaves Main actors
2019 Neighbour: Erinsborough High 5 chapters

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