Tim David’s girlfriend Stephanie Kershaw is an Olympian


26-year-old Singaporean-Australian cricketer Tim David is dating Olympian Stephanie Kershaw. At least two years have passed since they started dating.

Stephanie plays field hockey for Australia. Kershaw was born in Townsville, Queensland. He plays hockey for his home state of Queensland with the Queensland Scorchers in the Australian Hockey League.

Also known as Tim Steffen is a Singaporean-Australian cricketer. He played for some Twenty20 teams and the Singapore national cricket team.

In July 2019, he played outside Singapore for the first time. In September 2022, he was included in the 2022 T20 World Cup squad for Australia.

They have both done well in their careers and are one of the few couples in Australia to play professional sports.

Stephanie Kershaw
Stephanie Kershaw

Stephanie Kershaw, who dated Tim David, is an Olympian

Tim David is one of Australia’s best and most loved cricketers, and his girlfriend is an Olympian. Stephin Kershaw is a great athlete just like her boyfriend.

Kershaw is 5 feet 6 inches tall and plays field hockey for Australia’s women’s team and her current club Brisbane Blaze.

Kershaw has qualified for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. He was on the Hockeyroos Olympic team. But unfortunately for Stefani and his Hawkeyes, India beat them 1-0 in the quarter-finals, knocking them out of the medal race.

She’s an Olympian, but she doesn’t have a medal. However, he is one of the few athletes to represent their home country at the Olympics. They will be hoping to do better at the next tournament in Paris in 2024.

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He has set up a profile on the Olympics’ official website

How old is Stephanie Kershaw? Their Age Difference:

Stephanie Kershaw is 27 years old now. She was born on April 19, 1995 in Townsville, Australia to an Australian father Gary Kershaw and an Australian mother. Her boyfriend is a year younger than her, so they are not the same age.

Her parents gave her a great childhood. Her father encouraged her to play field hockey and taught her how to do it. So, Stephanie is now a better player because her father taught her. Her father was the first to teach her how to play hockey.

Gary, his dad, is on the management team of Townsville Hockey and is currently the Director of Development, Repairs and Tracks. He was able to help her.

Tim was born on March 16, 1996 in Singapore. His father Rod David and his mother are also from Singapore. So, he is now 26 years old. His girlfriend is a year younger than him.

Tim’s childhood was similar to Kershaw’s. His father encouraged him to become a professional cricketer and started coaching him when he was very young.

His father Radum used to play cricket. He used to play cricket for the Singapore national team. He was born in Australia. In 1997, he played for Singapore in the ICC Trophy.

Tim David is dating hockey player Stephanie Kershaw

Australian hockey player Stephanie, who rose to fame after the Tokyo Olympics, is dating famous Australian cricketer Tim David. They have been going out together for at least two years.

On December 8, 2020, Tim shared an old picture of them together on Instagram. This gives an indication of how long they have been dating. After their first post, they often added lots of pictures and sticks.

They recently took a break from their busy lives and moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where they are enjoying themselves. Since then the two have been frolicking in the countryside.

Stephanie and Tim are committed to each other as they go on trips together and play each other’s games. But neither of them are said to be dating anyone else.

The cute couple hasn’t said anything about engagement or marriage, but it’s only a matter of time before they take their relationship to the next level.

They always tell each other how proud they are of what they did. On July 17, 2021, Tim posted pictures of his boyfriend’s girlfriend with the caption, “We’re going to Tokyo now. Very proud. @Steph Kershaw, I hope you’re doing well. A wonderful time. “

How Rich is Stephanie Kershaw in 2022? Tim David has more money than her.

As a professional field hockey player, Stephanie Kershaw’s net worth is more than $1.2 million. He earns money through endorsements and promoting brands.

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Tim is more than $1.3 million short on cash

Major companies are lining up to support new women’s AFL teams, but Heraldson says Hockey Australia is struggling to secure their support. The AFL has promised its players $25,000 for an eight-week season. That’s far less than the $40,000 that full-time professional hockey players make each year.

The average salary for a player on the Hockeyroos women’s team ranges from $40,000 to $60,000. A potential $10,000 bonus would be a big incentive.

In September 2015, Kershaw played his first official Test series for his country against Korea. In October, he played for Australia which won the 2015 Oceania Cup. He made his debut in September.

Kershaw was selected to play for the Hockeyroos at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. In 2018, Kershaw played for Australia in the Champions Trophy in China and the Chombo Cup in Japan.

Along the same lines, Tim David is considered to have a net worth of over $2.5 million. As a professional cricketer, he has helped with all this money.

In the Indian Premier League, he has earned the most money (IPL). David played for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) who traveled to the United Arab Emirates in August 2021 for the second round of the IPL.

On 24 September 2021, he played his IPL debut against Chennai Super Kings. He did this to become the first person from Singapore to play in the IPL. He was bought by Mumbai Indians in the 2022 Indian Premier League auction in February. He was bought by the Mumbai Indians for $1.1 million.

He also earned a lot of money in Pakistan Super League. In May 2021, during the PSL Mini Replacement Draft, Lahore Qalandars selected David to replace Joe Burns in the postponed 2021 Pakistan Super League. David will play in the 2022 Pakistan Super League for the reigning league champions Multan Sultans.

Stephanie Kershaw
Stephanie Kershaw

How old is Stephanie Kershaw?

Stephanie Kershaw was born on April 19, 1995, making her 27 years old.

Stephanie Kershaw plays for which national team?

Stephanie Kershaw plays for the Australian national team. He plays hockey for the Australian Hockey League team from his home state, the Queensland Scorchers.

Is Stephanie Kershaw in a relationship?

As of September 2022, Stephanie Kershaw is not married.

Stephanie Kershaw and someone?

Yes, cricketer Tim David is seeing Stephanie Kershaw.

Who is Tim David dating?

Stephanie Kershaw is an Australian field hockey player. She is dating Tim David.


In September 2015, Kershaw played his first Test series for his country against Korea.

After making his debut in September, Kershaw was part of the Australian team that won the 2015 Oceania Cup in October.

Kershaw was selected to play for the Hockeyroos at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The team lost 4-1 to New Zealand in the final, finishing second and claiming the silver medal. Kershaw was also part of the Australian team that finished fourth in the 2018 World Cup.

In 2018, Kershaw also played for Australia in the Chombo Cup in Japan and the Champions Trophy in China.

Kershaw qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He was on the Hockeyroos team that went to the Olympics. The Hawkeyes lost 1-0 to India in the quarter-finals, leaving them out of the medal race.

Who is Stephanie Kershaw?

Stephanie Kershaw was born on April 19, 1995 in Townsville, Australia. He plays forward and wears the number 14 on his jersey. He has played 75 matches and scored 10 goals. She started playing hockey when she was 4 or 5 years old. In 2013, after he finished school, he moved to Brisbane. He moved to Perth two years later to train with the Hawkeyes.

Tim is David’s husband

Cricketer Tim David is reportedly set to marry Stephanie Kershaw. Tim David is a Singaporean cricketer who has played in other leagues such as Big Bash League, Pakistan Super League and Indian Premier League. He is now playing for Mumbai Indians in the 2022 Indian Premier League.

Work like a professional

In September 2015, he made his debut for the senior national team against Korea. In October 2015, he was part of the Australian team that won the Oceania Cup. He was selected to play for the Hockeyroos at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. New Zealand beat them so they finished second. In the 2018 World Cup, Kershaw was also in the Australian squad.

Stephanie Kershaw played for Australia in both the Chombo Cup in Japan and the Champions Trophy in China in 2018. The Hawkeyes were on the Olympics team and had to go to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Kershaw plays in the Australian Hockey League for his home state team, the Queensland Scorchers. In the 2017 Australian Hockey League, he also won the Player of the Tournament award.

Early in his career, from 2009 to 2012, Kershaw played for the U21 national team. He played for the Australian U21 Jillaroos in a tournament with four other nations. On the international stage, Kershaw has scored for South Korea, Samoa, USA, New Zealand, Great Britain and China.

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