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Who is Tilak Mehta???

Paper-N-Parcel is a startup or courier based company and Tilak Mehta is one of the founders of the company. Thilakar was born in 2006 in Gujarat, India. He was only 15 years old and started his own business at such a young age.

He stores it and sells it at a minimum price, which proves that age is nothing but a number.

Apart from that, the 15-year-old was learning business management at his paper and parcel company.

When we were 15, we were busy playing video games and watching TV, but this young man had already established a successful business.

Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta

A quick introduction

Name Tilak Mehta
A nickname Tilak
profession Owner Paper-N-Parcel
is known Paper-N-Parcel
Personal life
date of birth 2006
birth place Gujarat, India
The age of 2020 15 years
Home town Gujarat, India
religion Hindu
Nationality Indian
caste Gujarati
Zodiac sign N/A
mother language Hindi

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Tilak Mehta Height and Body Measurements

Let us move on to the next topic of Tilak’s appearance.

Tilak Mehta was approximately 5 feet 2 inches tall and weighed approximately 48 kilograms. Apart from that, both his eyes and hair are dark.

Tilak was a very adorable and humble little boy who had a beautiful face and adorable eyes.

height 5″2 inches
(5 feet 2 inches)
Weight 48 kg (in kilograms)
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Body size measurement N/A

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Tilak Mehta’s success story

According to Tilak Mehta, the concept of the business strategy behind paper and packages suddenly dawned on him. There is also a story that goes with the idea.

When Tilak Mehta went to his uncle’s place to do some work there he brought some of his belongings and some of his books. On the other hand, when Tilak returned to his house, he found that his uncle had forgotten his mathematics book at home.

Tilak had to study for a maths exam the next day and thus needed the book now. My uncle thought I could get my book from home by courier service; However, the costs of using a courier at the time were so high that it would be wise to avoid paying them if possible. Invest in a recently published book.

Thilakar then thought that we could start our own courier business and provide our services to the general public at a reasonable price as compared to the rates offered by other companies. Tilak’s initial thought was that we could offer our services to the public at the same rate that other companies charge.

Later, Tilak Mehta, with the support of his uncle Ganshyam Parekh, founded a company called Papers and Pearls. Later, he merged his company with Dabbawala, which became very successful for him financially.

Academic and Professional Achievements of Tilak Mehta

Tilak Mehta was a student as well as an entrepreneur; He is currently in class 10 and is succeeding intellectually as well as being a successful businessman. Mehta started his first business at the age of fourteen.

He is pursuing his diploma from Gurukula Olympiad School, a boarding school affiliated to the CBSE board.

Tilak Mehta wants to pursue his studies in a prestigious college after which he will focus on expanding the scope of his already successful company.

Tilak Mehta family

Tilak Mehta’s father is Vishal Mehta, also Tilak Mehta, and his mother is Kajal Mehta, also Tilak Mehta. Vishal Mehta was successful in business. Housewife is what Kajal Mehta does for a living at home.

Tanvi Mehta is the younger sister of Tilak Mehta, both of their names share the middle name Mehta.

Although he was born and brought up in Gujarat, he and his family have made their permanent home in the city of Aurangabad in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Tilak Mehta’s maternal uncle was Ganshyam Parekh, with whom Tilak Mehta started his Papers N Parcels (PNP) business.

Tilak Mehta Net Worth

Although Tilak Mehta doesn’t have particularly diverse revenue streams, the startup he founded brings him a substantial amount of money.

Tilak Mehta’s net worth is around 150 crores and his income and monthly salary is expected to be around 10 crores. Both of these figures are estimates.

Their business will, in a short period of time, emerge as one of the most valuable startups anywhere in the world.

The data we have now on Tilak’s assets, including his net worth, will be updated regularly.

Tilak Mehta Awards

Having tried and succeeded at such a young age, Tilak Mehta is held in very high regard, and as a result, he has been honored quite a bit. This is because Tilak Mehta tried and achieved at such a young age. In addition to this achievement, Tilak Mehta has also achieved great success in various fields.

A notable achievement of Tilak Mehta is that he was awarded the title of Young Entrepreneur at the Indian Maritime Awards.

Tilak’s name was brought to the attention of a significant number of new people as a direct result of this opportunity given to him after being invited to speak at TEDx in 2019.

Tilak Mehta has received significant accolades and accolades, including being named a Forbes panelist and named Global Child Achiever of the Year 2020.

Tilak Mehta Career and Struggle

Consequently, in the following sentence, we are going to talk about the specifics of Tilak Mehta’s path as an entrepreneur. How, at the age of 13, he got his career off the ground.

Tilak one day visited his uncle’s house for various reasons including those listed here. Then, when he had completed the journey and returned to his own home, he continued. He makes the mistake of forgetting to bring his math textbook when he comes to visit his uncle. However, he needs this book soon so that he can adequately prepare for his exam.

As it was midnight on the appointed day, his father began to feel tired. Due to this, the book could not be given to the daughter.

Tilak questioned his father about the possibility of using a courier to transport the book from his uncle’s house to their own house. This way they can get the book faster. On the other hand, the costs associated with same-day courier delivery are comparable to the price of the book.

This was the pivotal moment when Tilak had the idea that if we could start our own logistics and provide a courier at reasonable rates, the idea would bloom in his head. In particular, Tilak thought it would allow him to save money.

When he first started, he handled everything himself and delivered packages in a completely original way for him.

After a certain period of time, he was promoted to the position of dabbawala within his crew, which was responsible for receiving orders and carrying out those instructions.

Tilak Mehta Wiki

Tilak Mehta Wiki

The mode of operation of the paper and package is as follows:

For example, you want to use a courier to carry a package from A to B. In addition, his company has various circles (A1, A2, A3, and so on) between this location and location B. ) these circles lie between these two points.
Consequently, the consignor hands over the book to A, who is then deemed to be the consignee of the item. A sends the book to A1 and A1 gives it to A2. The same goes for A2 to A3, which will be very soon.

First, you can avail this service only if you live in Mumbai city and use Paper-N-Parcel delivery service.

He was awarded the title of “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” at the Indian Maritime Awards 2018.

“I had been thinking about this for a few days, but it was only after I saw a dabbawala working in my building that I came up with the idea of ​​Papers n Parcel. Before that, I was thinking about the topic. As I have always been impressed by how fast and efficient Dabbawala’s food delivery network works, I have often wondered whether or not the network could be used to deliver non-food items. Impressed with how fast and efficient the network works.

Papers N Parcels (BNP) is the name of the company created by Tilak Mehta in 2018 and the acronym stands for the year the company opened its doors for business.

Tilak Mehta was just 13 when he launched the original version of the company.

Tilak Mehta decided to merge BNP with Dabbawala as the business model of Papers N Parcels (PNB) was comparable to Dabbawala.

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