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Facts of Sira Martinez

Full Name Sira Martinez
First Name Sira
Last Name Martinez
Profession Celebrity Child
Nationality Spanish
Birth City Barcelona
Birth Country Spain
Father Name Luis Enrique
Father Profession football coach and former player
Mother Name Elena Cullell
Gender Identity Female
Sexual Orientation Straight
Horoscope Aries
Marital Status Dating
Relation With Paco Goyoaga
Sibilings Pacho Martinez and Xana Martinez
Education Open University of Catalonia
Insta Profile
Date of Birth April 1,2000
Age 22 years


Life And Education

Sira Martinez is the daughter of Luis Enrique, a Spanish football manager, and a former player

Luis is currently serving as a head coach for Spain national team

Sira was born in Barcelona She is an equestrian and has won Spanish equestrian champion at the youth level

Along with that, she is also pursuing her studies She is studying Business administration and management at the Open University of Catalonia

The perspective of life changed after the death of her sister

The Martinez family went through a painful tragedy on 29th August 2019

Xana Martinez, the youngest daughter in the family, sadly passed away following five months battle against bone cancer

She was just nine years old The untimely death of her small sister left a strong impact on Sira

Her perspective of looking at life changed According to Sira, before her sister’s death, even the slightest problem would lead her to have a strong emotional impact

These days she does not waste time thinking too much but rather focuses on enjoying the moment since it’s unknown what the future beholds and when our end will be

She tries to cope with things well to get the positive side out of everything

She has an older sibling

Sira has an older brother Pacho Martinez He is a year older than her Pacho chose his career outside football

He is working in an insurance company in Barcelona

Her parents are happily married for more than two decades

Her parents Luis Enrique and Elena Cullell are happily married for more than two decades

They met a year before Luis signed for Barcelona and dated for years before tying a knot on 23rd December 1997 in Santa Maria del Mar in Barcelona

The lavish ceremony was held at the Cathedral de la Ribera in attendance of 200 guests They are still together with no signs and rumors of their divorce

Found love from the same sports

Sira found her love, and he is from the same sports She is currently dating her boyfriend, Paco Goyoaga, 21

He made his professional debut as a rider at the age of 18 He is currently at E1 Prat

The couple rides together on Paco’s farm Paco has become a part of a Martinez family

Along with accompanying Sira on horse riding, he is also seen accompanying his father-in-law alongside Sira

Recently he was seen in the stands at Euro 2020 match with Sira and her brother Pacho

Horse riding is her refuge

From the early age of eight, Sira has been riding the horse, mostly at the open sports of Barcelona

Sira described horse riding to be not only her passion but also her refuge as well as the best therapy to overcome difficult stages in life, for example, the death of her sister

She also confronted that getting on the horse makes her forget everything whenever she is sad

Luis is a very active person

In one of his interviews, her dad Luis answered what he remembered about the final Luis responded and claimed himself to be an active person

Also, at the same time fairly relaxed when it comes to games, Luis added

However, he recalls the time during that final, as he was a player he was never in a Champions League final

Further explained that portraying the role as a coach seemed to be a unique opportunity, though Luis added

He shared his feeling of being nervous in his life however pointed out that he isn’t usually like that

He also says that he is always relaxed watching games on the bench, and at the same time trying to help, connected to his staff, and also observing what his team needs

He also recalls the game where at first, he was calm, but there was tension inside him, which was even tougher to control

Also, he did share that if he plays another final like that, he will definitely eat a tablet to calm himself down

And also not let him feel that he is going to have a heart attack Luis revealed that he did not want to think about what might have happened

Luis’s hobby in Athleticism

Players have a wide range of hobbies, but when it comes to Luis, we assume he is more into Athleticism

Well, we can spot him being actively involved in numerous marathon-running events Luis began taking part in those after he retired as a player from the game

The sports activities he was captured in were the New York City Marathon, not only this, but also in Amsterdam Marathon, followed by Firenze Marathon held in Florence, Italy, and then the desert Moroccan Marathon des Sables back in the year 2008

Moreover, Luis also participated in a 2007 competition held in Germany, which was probably a 140-mile triathlon race

Also, it is stated to be the tougher enduring race around the world

Net Worth

The net worth of Sira is not disclosed As of now, we have the net worth of Luis Enrique, who has amassed a jaw-dropping fortune from his stunning football career both as a player and a manager

Having spent most of his playing career with top Spanish clubs like Barcelona and Real Madrid, he scored more than 100 goals in more than 500 game appearances

He is one of the most successful Barcelona managers, having won nine trophies under his charge

He was appointed a head coach for Spain on 9th July 2018 To date, he has led the team in three World Cups and one European championship appearance


  1. Sira is twenty-one years old

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