Security forces crackdown on anti-hijab protesters in Iran kills 31 civilians: report


New Delhi: At least 31 civilians have been killed in a crackdown by security forces in Iran against protests that erupted after the death of Mahza Amini, who was arrested by morality police for violating Iran’s hijab rules, Oslo-based Iranian news agency AFP reported. According to the Human Rights NGO.

“The people of Iran have taken to the streets to achieve their basic rights and human dignity… and the government is responding to their peaceful protest with bullets,” Mahmoud Amiri-Moghadam, director of the Oslo-based Iran Human Rights NGO, was quoted as saying by AFP. They said.

Iran has been experiencing protests against hijab rules for the past week, with protests turning violent after the death of 22-year-old Mahza Amini on September 16.

Amini was in Tehran with her brother when she was arrested by the morality police for not complying with hijab rules. He fell into a coma shortly after suffering an alleged blow to the head and later died in hospital.

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Meanwhile, Iran shut down the internet in Tehran and parts of Kurdistan on Thursday and blocked access to social media sites such as Instagram and WhatsApp in an attempt to stem protests raging across the country.

Internet access was completely disrupted in parts of Iran’s West Kurdistan province from Monday evening and regional blackouts occurred in other parts of the country, including Sanandaj and Tehran.

According to reports, street rallies spread to 15 cities, and police had to use tear gas and make arrests to disperse a crowd of 1,000 protesters.

Iranian media reported that demonstrators threw stones at security forces, burned police vehicles and garbage cans and chanted anti-government slogans.


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