San Francisco 49ers’ Jimmy Garoppolo advises Trey Lance to try to stay positive as he recovers from season-ending injury


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Santa Clara, California. — Now that he’s back at quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo has a lot to do this week. But before he makes a full return, he makes sure to reach out to the man he’s replacing: injured quarterback Trey Lance.

Speaking to the media Thursday for the first time since stepping in for Lance in last week’s win over the Seattle Seahawks, Garoppolo said he spoke with Lance twice this week and had a Zoom conversation with him when Lance called. Participate in meetings.

Garoppolo’s advice? Try to be as positive as possible.

“I heard Bosa’s pressure the other day (at the end) and he said it well, because there’s a moment when you feel like your life is over and you feel like you’ll never get back to where I was,” Garoppolo said. “But it’s going to pass, you’ve got to get to a point where it’s going to pass and you’ve got to mentally move on from it. He’s going to have hurdles to overcome, but I’ve been around Trey for two years. He’s a tough guy. , so he’ll be fine.”


On Monday morning, Lance underwent surgery at Stanford Hospital to repair the fracture and ligament damage in his ankle. The 49ers hope Lance will be ready for the start of the 2023 NFL season.

“He’s doing as good as you can,” Shanahan said. “Trey’s been great. A lot of guys, we’ve all talked to him a bunch and he’s trying to get in the game this week. Until the swelling goes down, I don’t think he’ll be able to, but he’ll be back soon and be one of us.”

After returning to the field Sunday, Garoppolo said it felt like “riding a bike,” but Garoppolo didn’t have much time to reflect on the long, strange journey back to the job he’s held for the past five years. years.

Asked Thursday if the trip was surreal, Garoppolo said it was, no.

“The way things worked out, it’s pretty crazy,” Garoppolo said. “But I don’t know, everything happens for a reason and I’m a big believer in that, this is another chance.”

For now, Garoppolo said he’s “trying to stay current” and restart San Francisco’s offense. Garoppolo said last week’s game felt similar to how he did when he was first traded to the Niners in 2017 and didn’t know the offense.

Because he was a rookie at the time and was taking over a team with one win at the time, Garoppolo had more freedom to improve. This week, he got his first reps with the first starting offense before the NFC Championship Game in January.

It’s been nearly eight months since then, and Garoppolo has felt every bit of it since right shoulder surgery and the associated rehab. Now, in a situation no one wants, normalcy has returned.

“A long layoff, no OTAs, no training camp, it’s been a different year and I’ve been in some different situations here,” Garoppolo said. “But that’s some good and some bad. The shoulder feels good and obviously that’s No. 1, so once I felt better physically, the rest of the things fell into place.”



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