Roxie Roker and Sy Kravitz’s Divorce, Her Wealth and Her Acting Career


In the 1900s, Roxy Roker’s husband, Cy Kravitz, was a member of her married family. Both partners eventually went their separate ways due to trust issues in their relationship.

On August 28, 1929, Roxy Roker made her world debut in Miami, Florida. Roxie Albertha Roker is the full form of her name. Her role as Helen Wills in the CBS sitcom brought her fame as an actor in the United States.

A member of the iconic interracial couple that first appeared on primetime television as The Jeffersons (1975-1985). Roker is the mother of rock musician Lenny Kravitz and the paternal grandmother of actress Zoe Kravitz. Roker is also Cho’s father’s mother.

Roxy Roker
Roxy Roker

Some quick information regarding Roxie Roker

Full name Roxy Roker
profession actress
date of birth August 28, 1929
birth place Miami, Florida, USA
Zodiac sign Virgin
Nationality Bahamian
Hobbies travel
height 5 feet 5 inches
Weight 55 kg
eye color Black
Hair color Black
Father Albert Roecker
mother Bessie Roker
marital status Divorce
ex-husband Cy Kravitz
Children Lenny Kravitz
Gender girl
University Howard University
net worth $6 million
Residence Florida, USA

Roxie Roker and husband Sy Kravitz divorced

The stunning Roxie Roker, Sy Kravitz’s wife, was devastated by his infidelity. After an incident involving cheating, Cy Kravitz and his high school sweetheart broke up and went their separate ways.

In 1962, Cy Kravitz and Roxy consummated their marriage, and their union was an interracial marriage, similar to the union Roxy’s character had in “The Jeffersons.” Two years later, the couple welcomed Lenny into the world.

After Leni told her mother about her extramarital affair, her mother and father’s marriage did not last long after that. The legendary musician broke the news to CNN’s Piers Morgan that his father is leaving the family business.

Before Sai’s departure, his mother sat down with him, his father and other members of the family for a discussion. After making a few points, she turned to Cy and inquired whether or not Leni had anything else to say.

Also, both the wives severed their ties and no longer live together.

Roxy Roker’s career as an actress on a professional level

Roxy Roker began her career as an actress on stage with the Negro Ensemble Company. He was nominated for a Tony Award and won an Obie Award for his role as Matty Williams in the play The River Niger in which he appeared in 1974.

In the 1970s, Roker was a reporter for WNEW-TV in New York. He also hosted Inside Pet-Stuy, a public affairs program focused on events in the Pet-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Roker broke social barriers and became a regular on prime-time television as one half of the first Caucasian-African-American married couple (with actor Franklin Cover) as Helen Willis on The Jeffersons. The other half of this historic couple had the cover.

The actress guest-starred in several American television episodes throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Some of these shows were Hal Miller’s “Stone in the River” for NBC, Bungy Brewster, Hangin’ with Mr. Includes Cooper, A Different World and Murder.

Both the television miniseries Roots and the film Claudine cast her as an actor or actress. Roker was also a children’s advocate and was honored by the City of Los Angeles for her contributions to the community.

Roxy Roker’s Stardom Begins

In 1975 Roxie Roker was offered the role of Helen Willis in the television comedy series “The Jeffersons” which aired on CBS. It was the most successful role of Roxy Roker’s career.

Roker’s co-stars on the show include Isabelle Sanford, Franklin Cover and Sherman Hemsley. Her screen persona broke social norms when she struck up a relationship with a Romanian from a different cultural background.

It wasn’t until 1985 that she began appearing in 216 episodes of the Primetime Emmy Award-winning series, and although she received no credit for her involvement in the series, Roxy was pleased with her performance in those episodes. This elevated her to an inside star status, and she appeared as a guest star in several episodes as Helen.

Additionally, between 1975 and 1985, Roxy was part of several successful ventures. In the television series “Kajok”, she played the role of Carol Lessenbee in 1976. The following year, in 1977, she played Mrs. People in a TV movie.

Roxy Roker Net Worth

Roxy Roker’s career was successful, and as a result, she amassed a respectable amount of wealth. Roker had more than $6 million to his name through his acting and television work before his death.

Roxy’s net worth is believed to be around $6 million. His acting work provides the bulk of his income, which he uses to support himself and his family.

She previously acted in a film depicting her real-life situation involving a mixed marriage. The actor was also active in the child advocacy community and concerned about preventing child abuse.

Who is Roxy Roker’s Mother and Father?

Bessie Mitchell and Aldred Roker became the proud parents of Roxie Roker.

Bessie and Alfred lived during a time in American history plagued by racism. Bessie worked as a waitress and Alfred was a porter at the hotel where they both worked.

They were a loving family despite their small income and they felt the need to provide their child with the best education. Roxy received her primary to tertiary education.

Her parents were both born in different states; His mother in Georgia and his father in the Bahamas. There is no evidence in the files that Roxy had any more siblings.

Roxy Roker’s son Lenny Gravtis remembers her passing

Lenny Kravitz rose to prominence in the late 1980s; However, by the time her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1995, Kravitz was already performing around the world.

Nevertheless, Kravitz put his career on hold and made a quick trip to Los Angeles so he could be with his mother.

Since he did not have an apartment in the city, Kravitz stayed with music producer Rick Rubin. At the time, Rubin was working on Johnny Cash’s “American Recordings II: Unchained,” making Kravitz comfortable with him.

According to Kravitz’s comments to BBC News, “I got off a plane in Tokyo and went straight to the hospital.” Although he was alive, Amma’s condition was deteriorating.

Leni judged that she had enough time, so she left the hospital and returned to Rubin’s place, where she showered and ate. On the other hand, as he approached the house, the phone rang and he heard the sad news: Roxy had died at the age of 66.


year title Stock Notes
1974 Transition at 125th Street Eloise Morse TV movie
1974 Claudine Winston Mrs
1975-1985 The Jeffersons Helen Willis
1977 roots Malice Episode: “Part V”
1977 Billy: Portrait of a Street Child Mrs. People TV movie
1979 $weepstake$ Margaret Episode: “Roscoe, Elizabeth and MC”
1979 Bermuda Triangle Boehmeier is a radio operator Documentary
1982 Fantasy Island Emily Carlisle Episode: “The Kleptomaniac/Thank God I’m a Country Girl”
1983 Creating a male model Madge Davis TV movie
1983-1987 ABC After School Specialties Phyllis Brooks / Aunt Helen 2 chapters
1987 Amazon women on the moon Women’s Republican Party (Section “Soulless Blacks”)
1990 Penny Ante: The Motion Picture
1991 A different world Dean Barksdale Episode: “Home Where the Fire Is”
Roxy Roker
Roxy Roker

Roxy Rocker Wiki

Roxy Roker was born on this day in 1929. She was a black actress and children’s advocate. Albert Roker and Bessie Roker, immigrants from the Bahamas, welcomed Roxie Roker into the world in Miami. He attended Howard University, where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1952. He was an active participant in the Howard Players as a student and appeared in several plays. She belongs to the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. After graduating, Roker moved to New York City and began working in an office while performing in several Off-Broadway productions. After joining the Negro Group, she started working as a full-time actress (NEC). Roker starred in the play Ododo and Rosalee Pritchard at the NEC. He was nominated for an Obie Award and a Tony Award in 1974 for his role as Mattie Williams in The River Niger.

She married Sil Kravitz, a White Russian Jew who produced television. The couple’s only child, Lenny Kravitz, was born in 1964. In 1975, Roker was offered a role in the television series The Jeffersons. Her character, Helen Willis, was portrayed as the wife of the first mixed-race couple to appear on prime-time television. After the Jeffersons broke up in 1985, she made a stage comeback with Legends on Tour with Carol Channing and Mary Martin.

She received two citations from the Los Angeles City Council in recognition of her volunteer efforts in the community, including her role as a board member of the Inter-Agency Council on Child Abuse and Neglect. On December 2, 1995, Roxie Roker died of breast cancer.

A few questions

Who Is Roxy Roker’s Ex-Husband?

Roxy Roker’s husband Cy Kravitz.

Who Is Lenny Kravitz’s Mother?

Roxy is the mother of rocker Lenny Kravitz.

What happened to Roxy Roker?

Roxie Roker passed away from breast cancer.

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