Renovation Impossible’s Russell Holmes Salary and Net Worth on HGTV


Russell Holmes, host of HGTV’s Renovation Impossible, is thought to be worth $2 million.

Russell J. Holmes is a television personality, builder and professional. He rose to fame as the host of Renovation Impossible, a show aimed at making the seemingly impossible possible.

Holmes will also tackle unfinished projects put on hold due to the owners’ goals and innovative ideas in his next HGTV project.

So, how much money does he make from being a well-known TV personality and renowned auto expert? How much money does Holmes have now? Let’s see his earnings, career and personal life.

Russell J Holmes
Russell J Holmes

A Short Biography of Russell Holmes

Name Russell J Holmes
profession Specialist, Builder and TV Personality
is known Update is not possible
net worth $ 2 million USD
Salary $300,000 per year
wife Laura Holmes
ex-wife Regina D. Holmes
Children Dylan and Zachary
age 50 years old
Nationality American
date of birth December 15, 1972

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Richard Holmes is an HGTV asset

According to Rennovation Impossible, Russell Holmes has a net worth of over $2 million, which he has amassed from the project and his other ventures.

He has been in the construction industry for a long time, building apartments. In fact, in 2022, he was also involved in land surveying in New York. Russell ran his own construction company and oversaw teams of over 100 workers.

In addition, he has many years of experience in his specialized field, which has provided him with a wealth of information. With this in mind, it is fair to assume that Russell Holmes has a substantial net worth.

Russell has extensive knowledge of auto shops, having worked as a mechanic for many years. He knows firsthand what works well and what doesn’t. As a car enthusiast, he has helped many people create unique garages in their homes. When Russell was 12, he got his first taste of driving.

Interestingly, his parents and siblings had moved out, leaving him and his partner alone. He told his companion that he was taking the automobile after he found the key in the ignition when he saw his stepfather’s car in the driveway. Despite his visual impairment, Russell drove to his friend’s house in a 1972 Pontiac Catalina and found his parents there. His parents allowed him to drive his own car home.

Russell also has a history of working as an EMT with the Riverhead Volunteer Ambulance Corps. “I always enjoy helping others,” he told Patch. “From an early age I was the guy people contacted when they needed help moving or fixing something.”

Russell, who still works in the construction industry in New York, said he knows every aspect of the industry, including company management and vehicle maintenance. Along with Stephen Todd Mabry, he co-manages Modern Vintage Customs LLC. She is currently defending herself against a lawsuit filed by Stephen to collect the debt.

Renovation Impossible star Russell Holmes’ HGTV salary

According to sources, Russell Holmes earns around $300,000 every year. Additionally, Holmes, a skilled mechanic and television personality, undoubtedly earns a good living from his work. In 2022, Russell’s net worth is expected to reach millions of dollars.

In fact, Holmes earned this significant amount while appearing on the hit reality TV shows Fast N Loud and Gas Monkey Garage.

Holmes earns a lot of money from these television shows. Being a mechanic and an expert in vehicles, he also earns a decent salary. Richard Rawlings, a different actor, has a net worth of around $15 million in 2022.

As Richard’s “fixer”, Holmes becomes a member of the Gas Monkey garage crew. He quickly discovered that his duties in garage rehab went beyond his usual project management responsibilities, and he was eager to help. Despite sharing the same last name, Russell and Mike are unrelated.

Sources of Income of Russell Holmes

Russell J. Holmes is a contractor, car installer, business owner and television personality, to name a few of his sources of income. Due to his talent he is able to earn a good living from his many ventures.

As a contestant on well-known reality TV shows Renovation Impossible, Fast N Loud and Gas Monkey Garage, Holmes has reportedly amassed a considerable net worth.

She has also been tapped as the new host of the HGTV show Renovation Impossible. He has previously been featured on the Discovery Channel show Garage Rehab and the HGTV series Renovation Impossible. One half of the show’s dynamic duo, Russell J. Holmes works with her clients to restart their transitions and regain lost confidence.

Many of her fans are curious to know more about her personal life due to her popularity. The reality TV star often reminisced about events from her youth that provided context for her interactions with her family. Russell, who was 12 at the time, and a friend were home alone when they found Brian’s 1972 Pontiac Catalina.

Despite having trouble seeing the dashboard because of his glasses, the former decided to drive the car to his friend’s house. Russell’s parents were waiting for him but mysteriously gave him permission to drive the car back to their house.

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Information about the Holmes family

Russell Holmes was born on December 15, 1972 in the United States, so his family hails from there. He is now 50 years old. He is white and a US citizen.

Russell J. It is clear that Holmes adores his parents, especially his mother. She also showed him how to operate a standard transmission so he could practice for his driving test. On Valentine’s Day, Russell tragically lost his mother to suicide.

On the other hand, many people wonder if Russell Holmes is related to Mike Holmes because he has a surname or name in common with Mike. Although they share the same surname, they are not blood relatives.

Does Russell Holmes have a wife?

Currently, Russell J. Holmes is married to his beautiful wife Laura Holmes. In addition, the couple has now clashed. According to rumours, the couple is set to tie the knot in December 2021. Also, family and friends attended a beautiful ceremony as the couple exchanged their vows. According to rumours, his wife Laura also owns a successful business.

He actually owns SALT Island Provisions, a company that imports and markets incredible handcrafted items from the Florida Keys. However, Laura Holmes Russell J. Not Holmes’ first wife. He was formerly of Regina T. Married to Purcell, who was also his first wife.

Although married for a short time, his first marriage ended in divorce due to personal problems. In the next section we will see more details about his children with his wife. Additionally, Russell is survived by his ex-wife Regina D. Purcell has two-year-old sons, Dylan and Zachary, from a previous union.

Russell Holmes Sons

According to rumours, Russell Holmes is the father of two boys: Danny Holmes, his eldest son and Zach Holmes, his youngest son. His eldest son Danny, who is currently engaged to Patrice Marion, attends Southold Junior High School. Additionally, they make Hampton Bays, New York, their home with his fiancée.

Likewise, her other child, Zach, attended Suffolk County Community College after graduating from Mattituck Junior Senior High School in 2016. Zach lives in Keller, Texas. Russell and his sons seem to have a close relationship. Zach and Danny are his children from his first marriage, which split.

However, he has no offspring from his recent union with Laura. On the other hand, the reality TV star’s kids are her biggest fans and she adores them. He also enjoys walking his two adorable dogs, Max and Gus. We hope to continue to see Russell and his family in the coming years and wish them the best in life.

Russell J Holmes
Russell J Holmes

Russell Holmes in The Impossible Renewal

Garage Rehab and Fast N Loud actor Russell J. Renovation Impossible, a new home improvement series starring Holmes, premiered on HGTV in early September. Discovery Lifestyle is a cable network owned by Warner Bros.

On the HGTV reality series Renovation Impossible, contractor Russell Homes offers smart, cost-effective solutions to help consumers complete their stuck projects. With the help of designer Paige Poupart, she finds compromises to make even the most ambitious home remodeling dreams come true.

The Pilgrim Studios series premieres on HGTV a year after its pilot episode, which is slated to air in spring 2021. It paired Holmes with interior designer Paige Boupard to help reach innovative deals for client couples who had opposing ideas for renovating their home. The cost is low and the end results are high.

With limited resources and clients who occasionally disagree with your renewal preferences, this isn’t always easy. “That’s where he comes in,” Holmes said of the show. “I help consumers turn their property into a home they’ll enjoy for years to come,” using “tough love, creative solutions and a lot of elbow grease.”

Other recent additions include December’s Battle of the Bling (w/t) and the network’s first project set in Africa in 2023, the upcoming Renovation Wild , following an improbable renovation to the HGTV lineup.

A few questions

Russell J. Who is Holmes?

Russell Jay Holmes is an expert, builder and TV personality best known as the host of Renovation Impossible.

Who did Russell Holmes marry?

He is married to wife Laura Holmes.

What is the net worth of Russell Holmes?

His net worth is around $2 million USD.

What is Russell Holmes known for?

He is well known as a television personality.

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