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Most senior officer of the Pakistan Army

Chief of the Army Staff
سالارِ افواجِ پاکستان

Flag of the Chief of the Army Staff

General Qamar Javed Bajwa

since 29 November 2016

Ministry of Defence
Army Secretariat-I at MoD
Abbreviation COAS
Member of Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee
National Security Council
Reports to Prime Minister
Minister of Defence
Seat General Headquarters (GHQ)
Rawalpindi Cantonment, Punjab
Appointer Prime Minister of Pakistan
Term length 3 years , renewable once
Precursor Commander-in-Chief of the Army
Formation 3 March 1972; 50 years ago (1972-03-03)
First holder General Tikka Khan
Unofficial names Army Chief
Deputy Vice Chief of Army Staff (abolished)
Chief of General Staff
Salary According to Pakistan Military officer’s Pay Grade(apex Scale)
Website Official website

The Chief of Army Staff (Urdu: سالارِ افواجِ برّیِ پاکستان, romanized: Salar afwaj barri pakistan) (reporting name: COAS), is the most senior officer in the Pakistan Army It is one of the most powerful positions in Pakistan

This is the senior most appointment in the Pakistan Armed Forces who is a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee in a separate capacity, usually consulting with the Chairman joint chiefs to act as a military adviser to the Prime Minister and its civilian government in the line of defending the land borders of the country The Chief of Army Staff exercise its responsibility of command and control of the operational, combatant, logistics, and training commands within the army, in contrast to the Chief of Staff of the US Army Due to its stature, the Chief of Army Staff have been instrumental in enforcing martial laws against the civilian government due to the meltdown of a civil-military relations in the past decades

The appointment, in principle, is constitutionally subjected to be for three years but extension may be granted from the approval and recommendations of the Prime Minister by the President The Chief of Army Staff is based in the Army GHQ, and the current Chief of Army Staff is General Qamar Javed Bajwa, serving in this capacity since 29 November 2016

Office of the Chief of the Army Staff

The designation of the Chief of the Army Staff was created from the previous title Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army in 1972 Since 1972, there has been 10 four-star rank army generals to be appointed as chief of army staff by statute The Prime Minister approved the nomination and appointment of the Chief of Army Staff, with President confirming the Prime Minister’s appointed choosing and nomination

The army leadership is based in the Army GHQ whose functions are supervised by the Chief of Army Staff, assisted by the civilians from the Army Secretariat of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) The Chief of Army Staff exercise its responsibility of complete operational, training and logistics commands

There are several principle staff officers (PSO) who assist in running the operations of the Army GHQ:

  • Engineer-in-Chief (Eng-in-C)
  • Chief of General Staff
  • Chief of Logistics Staff
  • Inspector-General of Training and Evaluation (IGT&E)
  • Inspector-General Communications and IT (IGC&IT)
  • Inspector-General Arms (IG Arms)
  • Military Secretary (Mil Secy)
  • Adjutant-General
  • Quartermaster General (QMG)
  • Master-General of Ordnance (MGO)
  • Judge Advocate General Corps
  • Director-General EME (DGEME)
  • Director-General Frontier Works Organisation (DGFWO)
  • DG Combat Development Directorate

List of Chiefs of Army Staffs

For the army heads from 1947 to 1972, see Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army
See also: Vice Chief of Army Staff (Pakistan)
No Portrait Chief of Army Staff Took office Left office Time in office Unit of Commission
Khan, TikkaGeneral
Tikka Khan HJ, HQA, SPk
3 March 1972 1 March 1976 3 years, 364 days 2 Fd Regt Arty
Zia-ul-Haq, MuhammadGeneral
Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq
1 March 1976 17 August 1988 12 years, 169 days 13 Lancers
Beg, MirzaGeneral
Mirza Aslam Beg NI(M), SBt
(born 1931)
17 August 1988 16 August 1991 2 years, 364 days 16 Baloch
Janjua, AsifGeneral
Asif Nawaz Janjua NI(M), SBt
16 August 1991 8 January 1993 † 1 year, 145 days 5 Punjab
Kakar, AbdulGeneral
Abdul Waheed Kakar NI(M), SBt
(born 1937)
11 January 1993 12 January 1996 3 years, 1 day 5 FF
Karamat, JehangirGeneral
Jehangir Karamat NI(M), TBt
(born 1941)
12 January 1996 6 October 1998 2 years, 267 days 13 Lancers
Musharraf, PervezGeneral
Pervez Musharraf NI(M), TBt
(born 1943)
6 October 1998 29 November 2007 9 years, 53 days 16 (SP) Medium Regt Arty
Kayani, Ashfaq ParvezGeneral
Ashfaq Pervez Kayani NI(M), HI(C)
(born 1952)
29 November 2007 29 November 2013 6 years, 0 days 5 Baloch
Sharif, RaheelGeneral
Raheel Sharif NI(M), HI(M)
(born 1956)
29 November 2013 29 November 2016 3 years, 0 days 6 FF
Bajwa, QamarGeneral
Qamar Javed Bajwa NI(M), HI(M)
(born 1960)
29 November 2016 Incumbent 5 years, 361 days 16 Baloch
Munir, AsimGeneral
Asim Munir HI(M)
29 November 2022 Incumbent −4 days 23 FF

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