‘My kidneys shut down, hospitalised’


New Delhi: Pakistani actor Fawad Khan is currently busy promoting his upcoming film ‘The Legend of Maula Jad’. Touted to be one of the most expensive Pakistani movies, ‘The Legend of Maula Jad’ stars Hamza Ali Abbasi, Mahira Khan, Humaima Malik, Gohar Rashid and others.

In the film, Fawad played the role of Maula Jad – a bounty hunter who seeks revenge against the most feared warlord in Punjab, Noori Nad (played by actor Hamza Ali Abbasi). For the role of a fighter, Fawad had to undergo a body transformation, due to which his kidneys shut down and he was hospitalized.

In a conversation with Something Hot, when asked about his physical transformation for the film, Fawad said, “It was not the best thing I did for myself. I will never do it again. I made some questionable choices that affected me negatively. The stress I put on myself. All these body changes have a dark underbelly and people need to know that when you make these decisions, it takes a huge toll on your health. It happened. Ten days later, I was admitted to the hospital. I am diabetic and my kidneys have failed,” he said.

Fawad revealed that he gained almost 25 kg from 75 kg to 100 kg for the film. “I put in crazy hours. It’s not the right way to do these things because I had so little time. I had a total of a month and so. Because of the circumstances, that’s how it happened. I’m no Christian Bale, but I tried to do what he does, even Aamir Khan. , Moula Jad would have been different if it had been six months, he said.

He also said that he would not recommend this to anyone and that it had a negative impact on him. The actor said he was hospitalized for a few days but took almost three months to fully recover.


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