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My Girlfriend Is A Teenage Zombie


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In A World Where A Virus Turned People Into Zombies A Guy Named Ling Mo Have A Power To Control Zombies

He has 3 girlfriends and a Dog(turned into loli, Future Girlfriend)

  1. Ye Lian
  2. Shana(Xia Na)
  3. Li Yalin

Future possible GF (These are just guess from what I have read in the manhua and if you know the other names or alias of the girls do edit this)

  1. Half Moon or Ban Yue | Petite lesbian tomboy chief class zombie who is looking for a “mate”, decides she likes Ye Lian, but after Ye Lian refuses to leave and “exhibits” her and Ling Mo’s love for each other in front of Half Moon, Half Moon become irritated and believes Ye Lian with fall in love with her if she gets rid of Ling Mo
  2. Yu Shiran (Half Moon Partner)
  3. Heisi or Black Silk (Loli girl, mutant dog)
  4. Spider Queen( Song Zili or Stella) | Scientist Stella mutates after being bit by a near dead spider queen, that spider queen dies and Stella mutates into a new spider queen, hell bent on making Ling Mo her “mate” She does actually care for Ling Mo after her transformation, but only in a Yandere, self-serving manner
  5. Sun Zeya (soldier)
  6. Lin Luanqiu | Girl who goes to X City College with Ling Mo, Ye Lian, and Shana Ling Mo helps her and cares for her (due to her illness) a lot throughout their time together She eventually makes it obvious she loves Ling Mo the night before he leaves the college, but it doesn’t stop him from leaving and they go their seperate ways there
  7. Wang Lin(Shana’s cousin) | Tsundere who cares deeply for Shana and Ling Mo despite the them not getting along with her at all, seems to have unrequited feelings for Ling Mo but doesn’t express them
  8. Xia Zhining
  9. Lucy

Unrequited Love Interests

  1. Meng Jiayu (Ling Mo’s cousin) | Says she won’t ever get a boyfriend since none of them can compare Ling Mo She is seen blushing while thinking of Yan Mo
  2. Xiao Lan or Ouyang Lan | Little girl who says she is going to become big and strong in order to travel with Ling Mo one day, gives Ling Mo hugs and kisses often, other characters allude to Xiao Lan being in love with Ling Mo


Ling mo

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