My car’s brakes were damaged twice’


New Delhi: Actress Tanushree Dutta started the #MeToo movement in the Indian film industry in 2018 when she spoke out about being sexually harassed on a film in 2020. Bollywood mafia, political circles and anti-national forces.’ He had also said that ‘attempts are being made to push him towards suicide’.

In her recent interview, Dhanushree said that several attempts were made to kill her and luckily she survived. “The brakes of my vehicle were damaged twice when I was in Ujjain. I met with an accident, a very bad accident. I didn’t break a few bones. It set me back for two months and it took me time to recover from those injuries because there was a lot of blood loss,” Dhanushree told Connect FM Canada.

He also said that his domestic help mixed something in the water, which he believed was planted in his house. “There was a maid who, in my words, was planted in my house, and I gradually fell ill. Now, I suspect there is something mixed in my water,” Dhanushree told Connect FM Canada.

This is not the first time Tanushree has made these allegations, she has said through her Instagram posts that she was harassed and targeted very badly.

In July this year, she posted a lengthy post that read, “I am being harassed and targeted very badly. Someone please do something!! First my Bollywood work got ruined in the last one year, then a maid was made to lace my drinking water with drugs and steroids which caused all sorts of serious health problems, then in May when I fled to Ujjain my car broke brakes twice and had an accident. . I escaped death and returned to Mumbai after 40 days to resume normal life and work. Now strange disgusting things in my building outside my apartment. I’m definitely not going to commit suicide Yeh Kaan Golkar Sun Lo Sub Lock!! I’m not leaving or going anywhere. I have taken my public life to a higher level than ever before by staying here! The Bollywood mafia, Maharashtra’s old political circle (which still has influence here) and the worst anti-national criminal elements usually work together to trouble people. I’m sure the #metoo perpetrators and NGO I exposed are behind all this because why would I be targeted and harassed like this??”

In 2018, Dhanushree alleged that actor Nana Patekar sexually harassed and got close to her during the shooting of a song from the 2008 film ‘Horn OK Please’.


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