Miao, wife of Saman Gunan, where are you now?


While people around the world rejoiced at the successful extraction of the Wild Boars football team from Tham Luang Cave in 2018, a service family was mourning the loss of one of their loved ones. The Goonans were visibly relieved to hear that the 12 junior athletes and their assistant coach had escaped the task; However, they had already suffered the loss of retired Royal Thai Navy SEAL Chaman “Sam” Kunan during this operation. After all, in the documentary series “Thai Cave Rescue” on Netflix, the ex-officer volunteered to help, which ultimately had a huge impact on his spouse; So, let’s know more about her?

Miao, the wife of Saman Kunan
Miao, the wife of Saman Kunan

Who is the woman married to Saman Kunan?

Wallybone “Meow” Gunan (or Wallyborn “Meaw” Gunan) has stuck by Sam through every tough situation over the years. This is the case whether Sam is still actively serving his country or has already retired. However, despite her awareness of the risks associated with his (former) job, she could never have been willing to lose her love because there was no way it could enter your mind. July 6, 2018, was therefore obviously one of the most difficult days of his life; It was the day she lost her partner and separated from her partner. Sam’s death was attributed to asphyxiation during an oxygen delivery dive.

In 2018, Walephone gave an interview to BBC News in which he said that “the eyes of others, he is beautiful”. “For me, I adored him beyond belief. I had a deep love for him. Every day before he left for work, we reassured each other that we loved each other. We would text each other in the afternoon to see if the other had lunch. When we got home in the evening, it was okay. I’ll inquire and see how he is. Then she continued plainly and honestly, “Saman once said that we don’t know when we’re going to die. We have to make the most of each day because we have no control over it.”

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Who is Saman Gunan’s wife and where are they now?

It was only a few days after Walephon’s entire world was turned upside down with this confession: “Even if you ask me if I’m sad, I’m dead and yet I’m still alive. However, I trust my pride and maintain my sadness. Because of his character, his dedication to helping others and his success in achieving his goals, [my husband] He was hailed as a hero. So, I use pride as a means to help me deal with my loss. Later, when asked what she would say to Saman if given the chance, she replied, “I want to tell you my love, you are the hero in my heart.” You always were and you always will be.

Dealing with her grief in the days following her husband’s unexpected and untimely death, Walephone paid tribute to him on her Instagram account, which has since been deleted. It should be mentioned. On June 7 he wrote these words: “You will always be with me… There is no one else like you… If you are not with me, I don’t think I can continue to breathe… Because we made it. With someone that we breathe at the same time. One contract.

A few days later, Wallyphone uploaded a black-and-white photo of them on his Instagram account, along with the caption “I miss you. I adore you; I adore you as my heart; I don’t know why I adore you so much… I don’t know why I adore you so much… Who will I kiss when I wake up from here every morning? On the other hand, since that time, Valiphon seems to have completely disappeared from the public eye, perhaps in an honest attempt to put the hurt and past behind for good. However, he is more likely to be a resident of Thailand.

Tham Luang Cave
Tham Luang Cave

About Tham Luang Cave Rescue

In June and July 2018, a youth association soccer team and their assistant coach were rescued from the Tham Luang Nang Cave in Chiang Rai Province, northern Thailand. On June 23, during football practice, thirteen players of the team, aged between 11 and 16, and their assistant coach, aged 25, entered the cave. Shortly after, heavy rains caused the cave system to partially flood, thereby blocking their exit and trapping them deep inside.

Rising water levels and powerful currents made it difficult to locate the team, and no one could be contacted again for more than two weeks. In response to the enormous interest shown by people around the world, the cave rescue operation evolved into a massive operation involving teams from all over the world. On 2 July, the group was rescued alive on a reef about 2.5 kilometers (1.6 mi) from the cave mouth by British divers John Volantan and Rick Stanton. Rescue organizers have considered various strategies to evacuate the group, such as instructing individuals to learn the basics of scuba diving to facilitate an early rescue, waiting for a new entrance to the cave to be discovered or drilled, or waiting for the flood to recede before the rainy season ends months later. Rescuers rushed to get the group out of the cave ahead of the next monsoon, which was expected to bring heavy rains and was forecast to begin on July 11. This came after a break in the rains, draining the water from the cave system.

Between July 8 and 10 an international team managed to successfully rescue all 12 boys and their coach from the cave.

More than 10,000 people participated in the rescue operation, including more than 100 divers, numerous rescue workers, representatives of approximately 100 government agencies, 900 police officers and 2,000 troops. Ten police helicopters, seven ambulances, more than 700 diving cylinders and nearly a billion liters of water were pumped out to rescue people trapped inside the caves.

Former Royal Thai Navy SEAL Saman Kunan, 37, died of suffocation on July 6 while trying to rescue a group trapped inside a cave. He was returning to a platform in the cave after delivering diving cylinders to the trapped group. In December of the following year, 2019, rescue diver and Thai Navy SEAL Beirut Bagpara died as a result of a blood disease he contracted during surgery.

History, as well as disappearance

The karstic cave complex known as Tham Luang Nang Non is located beneath the Doi Nang Non mountain range, which is located on the border between Thailand and Myanmar.

The network is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) long and consists of numerous caves, small corridors and tunnels that wind around hundreds of meters of limestone layers. There is a notice at the entrance to the caves warning visitors not to enter during the wet months of July to November. This is because part of the cave network is flooded during these months.

A group of twelve boys between the ages of 11 and 16, members of a local junior soccer team known as the Wild Pigs, along with their assistant coach Ekaphon Shanthavong, began exploring the cave on Saturday, June 23, 2018. A 25-year-old man has been reported missing. Initial news reports said they planned to have a birthday party in the cave after soccer practice and spent a considerable amount of money on food; However, they denied this in a press conference after they were rescued from the cave. After they enter the cave, they encounter a rapid and steady rainfall, which traps the group in the tunnels. As they fled from the rising waters, they were forced to leave a portion of their provisions behind.

When head coach Nopparat Kandavong checked his phone at around 7pm, he found more than twenty missed calls from parents worried that their children had not returned home. Nopperat tried to call several boys and assistant coach Chandavong in succession, but he was unsuccessful. Songpon Kanthawong, a 13-year-old group member, said he was picked up after practice while the rest of his companions went to explore the Tham Luang caves. Eventually, he moved to Chongbon Kandawong. The driver of the coach rushed as fast as he could to the caves, where he found bicycles and luggage abandoned near the entrance to the tunnels and water pouring down the muddy track. He noticed that some members of the group had not collected their belongings and reported the situation to the authorities.

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