Marshall Drunkman Age – How Old Is Carla Sousa Husband?


Hispanic actress Karla Sosa is very happy with her banker husband Marshall Trenkman who turned 41.

The El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has selected a Mexican artist as the speaker for its 2022 Fiesta celebration on Saturday. He has been a strong representative of his community and that is why he was elected. The event happens once a year, and for those interested, there is a silent auction with tequila servings.

All in all, celebrating one’s culture is a must-see event as women dance in their traditional attire and perform dance performances.

In fact, he is the best person for the job because he is successful despite having to deal with problems in his life. Even though she’s a mother of two, that doesn’t slow her down. In fact, he became a role model for many.

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Marshall Trenkman
Marshall Trenkman

Who is Carla Sousa’s husband?

Souza was engaged to Marshall Trenkman and they were married in May 2014. They have a daughter, Gianna, born in April 2018, and a son, Luca (born in June 2020).

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How old is Carla Sousa?

Sosa was born on December 11, 1985 in Mexico City, Mexico. His father is Chilean and mother Monica is Mexican.

Is Karla Sosa Spanish?

Karla Sosa was born in Mexico as both her parents were from those countries.

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Marshall Drunkman Age – How Old Is Carla Sousa Husband?

Marshall Trenkman, 41, married his wife, actress Carla Sousa, in 2014.

In a candid interview, she spoke about their relationship and said that they both had a loved one with mental illness that brought them together.

In fact, she was always confused as a small child because her mother’s mood was always changing. Later, she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

She tells Lily she doesn’t get close to her past boyfriends because she can’t air her dirty laundry and talk about her mother’s illness. She didn’t want to tell them because she thought they weren’t ready to hear about the darkest parts of her childhood.

Drengman came across as a knight in shining armor as he spoke openly about how his brother had schizophrenia. Even the first time her family got together, her mother would have a hysterical episode in the middle of a conversation.

He knew the signs of a sick person, so he kept calm about the whole thing and told them how to help him get better.

It made her heart skip a beat and she realized that the support of someone she cares about is stronger than any attraction.

The Texan banker’s heart was already broken, and all that was left was for them to walk down the aisle. After a few months of engagement, they said their vows at the Hotel Hacienda Vista Hermosa in Tequesquitengo. They followed the religious parts of the ceremony.

Even after marriage he remained as sweet as honey. He would send her love notes and text messages while he was at work during the day.

Since they both love their culture, dinner conversations are always great. For example, he always ends his essays on Latinos by telling her to have a nice day.

Marshall Trenkman
Marshall Trenkman

Marshall Trenkman Kids, Gianna and Luca

Marshall Trenckman is lucky because he has two children, a daughter named Gianna and a son named Luke Trenckman.

The couple were together for eight years before their partner suddenly told them in 2018 that baby Gianna was on the way. It had been a few days since he finished filming his hit show How to Get Away with Murder. For two years both mother and daughter were happy as they wore the same clothes.

When she got pregnant the second time, she wasn’t open about it. She told everyone four weeks before her due date when it was clear from her huge belly that she was ready to give birth at any moment.

In an interview with People magazine, she talked about 7 pounds, 4 ounces. How happy the baby and parents were on June 12. His daughter was very excited about his arrival as she had already started teaching him the words to the song Poco Loco from the children’s movie Coco.

When she was pregnant with her second child, she had hopes and dreams for the future because she knew her first child would be the best person to follow. There was so much sadness and injustice around her and she worried about what kind of people they would become.

Last May, she thanked the makers of Home Economics for portraying the struggles of being a mother so well through her character. The doc about motherhood fits her priorities, as having children reinforced her feelings on set.

In fact, she did a wonderful job of showing how little patience, shock, and weight of care can build up another person until it suddenly explodes.

The strong reactions from the audience kept her working every day. Her daughter watched the show and comforted her when she was having a good or bad day. Gianna is the result of what she was taught and what inspired her, and she wants to pass on everything, good and bad, to the next generation.

Also, children learn from experience that no one is perfect, not even their mother.

Marshall Drunkman Net Worth

Marshall Drengman is a banker in Texas and he is worth a million dollars in 2022.

He got his start after graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in accounting. He wanted to learn more, so he went to the same school for his master’s degree and took some Latin American and Spanish classes.

After he graduated, he got a job at CIB LATAM in Mexico City. He was appointed in charge of the Credit Committee. Two and a half years later, he switched companies and started his new job at CIB Oil and Gas Credit Group, based in Houston.

Her marriage changed the direction of her career as she moved to Los Angeles and worked as director of credit risk for JP Morgan.

He is also on the board of the Center Theater Group as he likes to help his wife’s business.

Her partner, meanwhile, was busy making a name for himself in Mexican telenovelas and landing roles in movies like “From Prada do Nada,” “Nosotros Los Nobles” and “Instructions Not Included.”

In 2014, she shifted her focus to English-based projects when she became a regular on Shonda Rhimes’ show How to Get Away with Murder. She was cast as law student Laurel Castillo in the legal drama, but now her work is Marina in the sitcom Home Economics.

Meet Marshall Trenkman on Instagram

Marshall Drengman is not on Instagram because he doesn’t like social media and doesn’t want to use it.

But you can see his pictures on his wife Karla Sosa’s account, which has nearly 4 million followers.

Checked sites are the result of her blood, sweat and tears because she wants to use her range to help a great cause. The focus on the family is repeated, while her husband is neglected.

Mostly, he’s behind the camera, filming their lives one at a time, but he doesn’t know how to deal with so many different types of people.

Also, his daily activities are enough to entertain his fans. For her role as vampire real estate agent Audrey in the dystopian film Day Shift, she even wore fangs.

What is Marshall Trenkman’s name?

Marshall Trenckman was born in Texas, USA. No one knows the date or place of his birth, so no one knows how old he is now. Marshall is a banker, but he is best known in the media for his marriage to popular Mexican actress Carla Sosa, best known for her role as Laurel Castillo on the ABC legal drama series “How to Get Away with Murder.”

Want to learn more about Marshall Trenkman’s work and personal life? How much money does he have now? Stay tuned to see if you are interested.

He has been working in business for some time and is also involved in the entertainment industry as he is married to a famous actress. So, if you ever wondered how rich Marshall Trenckman is, you should know that according to reliable sources, his successful career has made him more than $5 million. If he continues to build his career, his net worth will surely grow in the next few years.

How I grew up and went to school

There is not much information about his early life in the media except that he grew up somewhere in Texas. Marshall went to college after high school. He attended Texas A&M University, where he earned a B.A. He then continued his schooling there and soon earned his M.A. He also studied Latin American and Spanish.


Marshall began working in business immediately after graduating from college, and his education helped him move up the ladder of success very quickly. He started as Head of Credit Group at CIB LATAM in Mexico City, Mexico. He also worked with other Mexican companies before returning to Texas. After that, Marshall worked for a while at CIB Oil and Gas Credit Group in Houston, Texas, which helped him earn a lot of money.

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