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Kate Galwach, who is in her twenties, has impressed everyone with her singing. She was one of the singers on season 22 of “The Voice.”

Kate Kalwach starred in the first episode of this season of The Voice, but the show ended on a cliffhanger, leaving viewers unsatisfied.

Galvach turned three chairs during the blind auditions for the 22nd season of NBC’s singing competition The Voice. Kate tried hard to join Blake Shelton and Camila Cabello’s teams, but it’s still unclear who she’ll choose.

Blake has been very successful in the past, winning eight times on The Voice. This season, Camilla will be a tough competitor for him. This season has had two singers with four chair turns.

A third judge, Gwen Stefani, did not say much while the other two judges presented their cases. Later, when he returns to see Morgan Miles in the first act of the season, Camilla comes his way.

Cat Foot Watch
Cat Foot Watch

How old is the gate valve?

Kate Galvach is currently 26 years old. She came into the world in 1995.

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Who is Kate Calvach’s mother and father?

Jennifer and Christopher Helms had a child named Kate Kalwach. Her parents are senior pastors of Hope Connection Church.

Is Kate Galwach Married?

Yes, Kate Galvach and her husband Matteo Galvach are also married. As of 2022, they have been together for a long time.

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Kate Callwatch is the voice

In 2022, Kate Kalvach, a contestant on The Voice, will be 27 years old. But Kate has always been a true Oklahoman because she grew up and started her career there.

1995 was her birth year. Every year on his birthday on February 23, he has a party with his family and friends and receives lots of gifts.

After she did well in the blind auditions for The Voice, Judge Blake tried to get her to join his team, saying that since they were both from Oklahoma, she would make everyone from Oklahoma proud watching on Channel 4.

The country singer’s first single, “Unshaken,” came out in 2017, before she appeared on season 22 of The Voice. Since then he has already released four singles. So she is already a famous singer.

His songs can be found on his YouTube page, which also includes a number of cover songs. His songs are on Apple Music and Deezer and YouTube.

After last season’s cliffhanger, fans are curious to know if she’ll join Blake’s team this season, but they’ll have to wait until Episode 2 to find out.

Kate Kalwach’s parents are from Oklahoma

Kate Galvach’s performance on The Voice has made her parents proud. Jennifer and Christopher Helms adopted her.

Chris and Jennifer, his parents, run Hope Connection Church as senior pastors. After taking over as head pastor in 2013, he made sure that the weekly sermons included humor and God’s message.

Before Chris joined Hope Connection Church in 2013, he served in several churches. He also helped start a new church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Her father loves his family and God, and he loves watching football games. He likes NFL teams Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys.

Nathaniel Helms and Emily Helms are his brother and sister respectively. Also, Kate is said to have a stepmother named Katrina Helms.

She grew up in a Christian family and had a close relationship with God and the church throughout her life. She thinks the church is the best place to find creative people because God is the creator of everything.

Kate Galwach’s Boyfriend: Is She Married?

Kate Kalvach and her boyfriend Matou Kalvach are now married. They know each other since college.

They met for the first time in college, they both love music and have similar hobbies. Kate and Matt announced that they are getting married on February 23, 2018. They got married on December 14, 2018.

Kate’s husband proposed to her on her birthday in 2018. He asked Kate to marry him at a beautiful rooftop restaurant. Then he sang for her too.

Matt and his wife currently live in the United States, but Matt is from the Czech Republic. He has always tried to get Kate on stage to sing.

Several websites claim that Matt was there when Kate tried out for season 22 of The Voice. In his first music video, he praised Kate’s voice and told her that she wanted to be a singer.

Kate and her husband were also featured in some of her Instagram posts. Both being musicians, they understand each other well and have great respect for what they do.

Kate Helms Kalvach, who goes by the stage name Kate Kalvach and was born on February 23, 1995, is a singer and artist from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She became well known after appearing on season 22 of the popular American singing reality show “The Voice”. Callwatch was on the show’s first episode, which aired on September 19. She sang Kacey Musgraves’ “Rainbow,” which the judges thought was a beautiful song.

Everyone saw Camila Cabello and Blake Shelton fighting over Kate to get her on their team. When the Oklahoma girl tried to tell her how well she did, Sheldon turned off Camila’s mic. Both Blake and Camilla did everything they could to get Kalvange to join their ranks.

Cat Foot Watch
Cat Foot Watch

Kate Kalwach is a contestant on The Voice

Gwen Stefani also told Kate, “That was pretty cool. I don’t think we’ve had anyone this season who can switch between chest voice and head voice without a problem. I can see how someone can be in a band, write songs, make a pop record, and then switch to country music. .So I think it’s one of those things where you can mix different styles and make it your own, and I’d love to work with you.

All the judges’ praise for the young contestant was too much for her to handle, so when it came time to pick a team, she joined Team Blake. If you want to know more about Galvach then this article is for you.

How old is the gate valve?

Kate Kalwach was born on February 23, 1995 in Pennsylvania, USA. His parents are Christopher Helms and Jennifer Howard-Helms. She is the eldest child of her parents. Her younger sister’s name is Emily and her younger brother’s name is Nathaniel. Galvach was born in Pittsburgh and went to high school in Mustang.

Sources say Kalvach’s father, who was a pastor, encouraged her to study music. Apart from singing in a formal setting, the girl also learned to play musical instruments like guitar, keyboard and drums. Caitlin went to college after high school and graduated from Southwestern Christian University with a degree in music business and technology.

Who is Kate Galwach Marrying?

Kate is married to Czech musician and singer Mato, whose stage name is Maat Kalvach. Meow says she met her love while Kate was in college. Both liked each other and started going out together. When Helms turned 23 in 2018, Matty asked him to marry him. They got married in December of the same year. The couple currently resides in Oklahoma City and has a beautiful home there.

How does Kate make money?

The woman said on Facebook that she was the creative director at Hope Connection Church. She likes pop music, but she also likes country music. The woman also hosts some events with her husband. Sources say that in 2017 he released his first single “Unshaken”. You can listen to it on Apple Music or Spotify. His second single “Christmas Lights” was released in 2021. After that, he uploaded some more great songs like “Clarity” and “Pieces of My Heart”.

Where did Cat Callwatch start?

March 23, 1995.

Where does Cat Gallwatch come from?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

What is the name of Kate Galvach’s husband?

Matouš Kalvach.

Who lives with a leg?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

How much does it cost to walk a cat?

USD 364k.

Which team did Kate Galwach join?

Team Blake.


Kate Kalwach was born Caitlin Helms on February 23, 1995 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 2013, he moved to Oklahoma. He graduated from Southwestern Christian University in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in music business and technology.

He is now the Creative Director at Hope Connection Church. Her husband told her to follow her dream of becoming a singer. Kate’s debut single “Unshaken” was released in 2017.

Here’s what we know about Cat Gallwatch

Kate Kalwach was born and raised in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

She sang church music all her life until she met her well-dressed husband.

Kate released the holiday song “Christmas Lights” as a single in 2021. In 2022, he released two singles, “Clarity” and “Pieces of My Heart”.

Kate tried out for The Voice 22 by singing Kacey Musgraves’ “Rainbow.” She impresses Sheldon, Cabello, and Stephanie, who all turn to see her at the same time.

He spends a lot of time on YouTube and often posts cover songs.

20-year-old Kate Galwach has stopped the world with her song. She is a contestant on “The Voice” Season 22.

Kate Kalwach was the main attraction on the season premiere of The Voice, but the show ended on a cliffhanger that left viewers wanting more.

During her 22nd tryout for the NBC singing competition The Voice, Kalvach learned how to turn three places when she was blind. Kate tried hard to join the teams of both Blake Shelton and Camila Cabello, but it’s still unclear which one she’ll choose.

Blake has been very successful on The Voice so far, winning eight times. This season, Camilla will be a tough competitor for him. This season, he has had two singers top four.

Gwen Stefani, the third person chosen to make the decision, remained mostly silent as the other two made their demands. Later, when he returned to see Morgan Miles’ first performance at the time, Camilla came his way.

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