Jose Mourinho joins Stormzy in ‘Mel Made Me Do It’ video


After a three-year hiatus, premier British crime star Stormzy made waves on social media on Thursday night when his brand new track dropped without warning.

The 29-year-old released new single “Mel Made Me Do It” along with a 10-minute promotional video, which features cameo appearances by famous faces from Louis Theroux to Usain Bolt.

Halfway through the epic route there was also a surprise appearance from one Jose Mourinho, who appeared to press his finger to the lips with Stormzy, sampling the audio of his famous “I don’t want to talk” post-match quote plays.

After the song was released, the AS Roma coach shared a photo of himself and Stormzy on Instagram, thanking the rapper for including him in the project.

“It was so much fun doing this cameo in Stormzy’s new music video today. I had so much fun,” the 59-year-old Portuguese wrote.

The video also includes an appearance by Ian Wright, with the Arsenal legend name-checking a spoken word segment performed by British screenwriter and actor Michael Goel.

“Today, we’re talking about the foundation. Many great black influential giants have touched people from soul to soul for generations,” Goyal says. “Mostly ‘glory’ comes to mind, but football legends like Ian Wright’s greatness come to mind.”

Watch the video for “Mel Made Me Do It” in full

Mourinho and Wright aren’t the first football stars to appear in other people’s music videos, although it’s a bit of a surprise to see them both appear in Stormzy’s latest offering.

While manager of Chelsea, Antonio Conte flirted with the London crime scene when he appeared in London. Video for “Smoking Fine” by MC Eyez. The Italian was filmed walking down a city street with shopping bags in hand before posing alongside the young rapper.

Chelsea link continues with Didier Drogba’s debut In fact, the Ivory Coast striker flexed his dramatic chops when he appeared at the end of the video for Julia Chanel’s 2012 dance hit “Forever in a Day.”

The strangest example of all, the infamous former Wimbledon and Leeds United heartman Vinnie Jones makes a brief appearance. A medieval themed video for Westlife’s utterly unforgettable 2002 ditty “Pop Pop Baby”.

Don’t expect Mourinho to appear in a Westlife video…


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