Is Pim Jongkait’s character in Thailand Cave Rescue based on a real-life forest ranger?


Is Pim Jongkait’s character in Thailand Cave Rescue based on a real-life forest ranger?
Because the documentary titled “Mother Cave Rescue” rescues a junior association football team trapped in a flooded karstic tunnel for 18 days, we can understand the whole incident. After all, this original production from Netflix is ​​a limited series dramatized based on the real-life events that took the world by storm in 2018 – the exodus of a group of wild boars from Tham Luang Cave. The series will only run for a limited number of episodes. Since the very young and tough forester Pim Jongkait seems to have played a significant role during this entire production, let’s delve into the specifics of his real life, shall we?

Thailand Cave Rescue
Thailand Cave Rescue

Is there a real-life inspiration for Bim Jongheit?

Contrary to popular belief, Pym is not modeled on any particular person. In truth, she was only a fictional representation of each forest guard who helped in the monumental effort to save the lives of the 13 people trapped in the building. In fact, Tham Luang Cave is located directly in the middle of Kun Nam Nang Forest Park in northern Thailand. As a result, park officials were some of the first to arrive at the scene of the flood. They honestly and intuitively understood the severity of the problem from the beginning, and as a result, they did everything they could to help in any way, shape or form in the following weeks, just like Pim did in the series.

Whether it was coordinating the activities of the many agencies located on site, acting as guides for willing volunteers, or working diligently to drain water from the caves, the rangers did everything without hesitation. So Pim shows the same to underline how important the government agencies, cave divers and doctors were in making the rescue not only possible but also successful. Because without them, recovery is not possible.

It’s even more important to point out that this six-part original intentionally included more female parts than the original male-dominated story dictated, to ensure their potential wasn’t neglected. Because of this, a character like Pim draws attention at certain points, of which actress Manatsanun Phanyartvongsakul, better known by her stage name Donut, is justifiably very proud. “The team has a responsibility to represent women in an accurate manner in this series,” she noted. “We want to show that women are capable of many jobs like working as a park ranger.”

“Pim is like a hostess who invites everyone into her home,” replied Donut when asked what she liked about the fictional (though apparently real) persona she portrays. “Pim is like a host who welcomes everyone into his home,” said the narrator, “and he always welcomes everyone in the area, whether it’s the rescuers or the children trapped in the cave.” What impressed me the most was the way Pim acted as a kind of focal point for the entire series. Whatever it takes to fulfill his responsibility, he must ensure that the process succeeds. She never gives up and that has led to a lot of positive outcomes.

Donut continued, “One thing about this series that catches my attention is how closely all the stories and characters are intertwined.” If one starts something, others will follow to make it successful. It’s a very real picture of what exactly happened in June and July of 2018, and 12 young boys and their assistant coach eventually managed to fix it.

Who are trapped in the cave?

Surrounded by a harsh mountain and surrounded by darkness, the youth and the coach were completely lost in time. No doubt fear, perhaps even fear, had entered.

But no one has any doubt that they will succeed. They were able to use the rocks to dig five meters deep into the shelf, which allowed them to create a den where they could cuddle up and stay warm together.

The boys’ coach, AK, was a former monk and taught them meditation techniques to keep them calm and use as little air as possible. Additionally, he advised them to lie flat to conserve their energy.

In this parable the team learns how to meditate from coach AK.

On the other hand, a remarkable confluence of events also worked in their favor.

They appear to have had no food, but they had access to a supply of drinking water in the form of condensation on the cave walls.

Although it was dark, they carried their torches with them. Because the limestones were porous and the gaps in the rocks allowed air to pass through them, there was enough air for a period of time.

At least in the short term they were in a favorable environment for survival. Most importantly, the wild boars depended on each other.

The hardest part was hoping for recovery

Officials contacted various rescue teams, including the elite Thai Navy SEALs, the National Police and others. Volunteers from the community also helped.

An initial examination found only footprints in one of the cave’s chambers, but no further evidence that the youths were still alive.

Members of the Thai military and police gather in the mountains near Tham Luang Cave.

Wild boars may be hiding in the dark depths of Tham Luang, but where exactly are they to be found? And, more importantly, how are the rescuers going to get them?

Most of the Navy divers had little expertise in cave diving, so exploring the cave was a difficult task for them. And the weather was unforgiving; Due to the continuous rains, the water level continued to rise, which in turn flooded the rooms and prevented rescuers from accessing parts of the cave.

Engineers made great efforts to drain the water from the cave, but they were initially unsuccessful.

A volunteer later noted that, initially, “nobody had any idea what to do.” The officers brought every piece of equipment they could think of, including small water hoses, long hoses, knives and shovels, but most of it seemed useless.

They also tried drilling into the side of the mountain in an attempt to identify cracks in the cave system, and used drones equipped with thermal sensors to try to locate the companions.

The BBC took part in the search effort near the caves.

Residents were asked to provide information about the surrounding areas to rescue workers. Thai Navy Seals were able to find a child who was a member of the wild boar but did not participate in the cave expedition. He remembered a place on campus called Pattaya Beach, which they had been to on a previous occasion.

Can the missing 13 be found?

A small group kept vigil at the entrance of the cave while the rest of the rescue operation was in full swing.

On June 26, 2018, members of a children’s soccer team and their coach went missing after entering the Tham Luang Cave in Khun Nam Nang Forest Park, Chiang Rai Province. Family members and other relatives gathered at the entrance of the cave and prayed as rescue workers searched for the missing people inside the cave.

The families of these boys knelt down and prayed for the safety of their sons. One of them is Tum Kandavong, also known as Coach AK’s Goddess.

She climbed to the top daily with candles, incense and various fruits. “This was done to pay respect to the spirit that watches over the cave. I was asked to look after all 13 children,” she told me.

Over time, the organization grew to include caring educators from the schools where wild boars were educated.

“We wanted to be the first to welcome the boys when they came out,” says Ampin Sayanta, who is very close to one of the boys, Atul, who refers to himself as his “uncle-teacher”. “We wanted to welcome the boys first when they came out,” he said.

The Boars’ fellow students held group prayers, hummed inspirational songs in the den, folded paper cranes and posted messages of hope on school bulletin boards as they waited for news from their classmates.

Residents of the village banded together and sent hundreds of food parcels and monetary aid to the boys’ families and their coach.

You never think that someone you know will end up in such a situation.

As word of the story spread across the country, everyone felt like they were part of something bigger. Volunteers flew in from various parts of Thailand to help, and Thai social media lit up with messages of love and support for the disaster victims.

They try to drill a hole in the mountain top to enter Tham Luang Nang cave. A Thai Air Force helicopter transports a small excavator to a mountaintop.

John Volanthen, a cave diver from the United Kingdom, emerged fully clothed from Tham Luang Nang Cave on June 28.

Thai Cave Rescue Is Pim Jongkait's character in Thailand Cave Rescue based on a real-life forest ranger?
Thailand Cave Rescue’

June 28 marked the arrival of the first foreign rescue workers

Cave divers from various countries, including the United Kingdom, Belgium, Australia and Scandinavia, and rescue specialists from the US Air Force. Some of them came voluntarily, while others were invited by the Thai authorities.

Realizing that the search would be an enormous undertaking, additional people were brought into the process.

They, along with the Thai divers, will be engaged in a never-ending battle against the weather for the next few days. They had to swim against a strong current and were often turned back by the flood as they tried to get to safety.

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