In the 90s, writers would write scripts on sets


Mumbai: Actress Madhuri Dixit Nene, who is gearing up for her streaming film ‘Maja Maa’, recently spoke about the changes she has seen in recent years, how the Hindi film industry known as Bollywood has changed over time. .

The actress, who plays a Gujarati housewife in the film, told IANS, “Earlier the Hindi film industry was very disorganized and chaotic, barring a few productions like Yash Raj Films, Subhash Ghai’s production or Rajshree Production. They were organized in their approach. But now that corporate culture has come into films, things are more streamlined today.”

How the industry began to write – the bottom of which film, more seriously, “We now have table reading sessions with our co-stars, which was unheard of in the 1990s. We get to have conversations. Go just before a shot is delivered.”

Adding a humorous tone to his statement, he said, “We were waiting for the writer to finish his dialogues, and he said from some corner of the set, ‘Han madam pas 2 minut mein lik ke deta hoon (Just 2 minutes your dialogues will be ready, madam)”.

Things have changed for the better, which in a way helps Indian cinema compete in the global arena, where productions are flawless and six-sigma-standard. Down to the last detail. These details help an actor prepare for a scene and deliver something that the audience can fully enjoy.”

Meanwhile, ‘Maja Maa’ is slated to release on Prime Video on October 6.

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