How Karthik Aryan and Ranbir Kapoor are emerging as the two saviors of post-pandemic Bollywood


New Delhi: If you look at the post-pandemic scenario of Bollywood, it has been hit hard. Whether it is audience taste or box office performance, everything has changed in different dynamics. However, the box office saw a glimmer of hope when Karthik Aryan’s ‘Pool Phulaiya 2’, followed by Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Brahmastra’, proved to be the saviors of Bollywood and brought back the lost glamor to the theatres.

Also, these two are the only actors who have consecutively made a mark at the box office with their films living up to the expectations of the audience. Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Brahmastra’ is still in theaters and everyone is keeping a close eye on its box office returns, which are constantly changing and experiencing a lot of ups and downs.

Karthik’s ‘Pool Phulaiya 2’ managed to register a huge opening at the box office first in the post-pandemic era, restoring confidence among the industry after big films failed to make the expected impact. With a new rage for Rooh Baba, the film grossed over 250 crores. All over the world.

Karthik proved himself to be a savior as he brought a large number of audiences back to the theatres. His film became one of the highest grossing Hindi films of 2022 and made a huge profit for the makers who completed the film on a budget of 70-75 crores.


Also, Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Brahmastra’ is currently cruising at the box office. After years of build-up and setbacks, the film managed to get off to a good start with a record-breaking opening. In terms of worldwide earnings, the film has so far collected Rs 354.93 crore.

However, Ranbir’s stardom may have proven itself in pulling audiences to the theatres, but the film is struggling to turn a profit on a budget of around 420 crores.



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