Green Bay police apologize for treatment of Packers AJ Dillon in July incident


r1040418 600x400 3 2 Green Bay police apologize for treatment of Packers AJ Dillon in July incident

Green Bay, Wis. — Green Bay Police Chief Chris Davis apologized Friday to the Bakers who chased AJ Dillon after the department’s review of contact between an officer and Dillon during an exhibition football game at Lambeau Field this summer.

It happened during a July 23 friendly between Manchester City and FC Bayern Munich. The video shows an official trying to stop Dillon from jumping into the stands to perform the Lampoo Leap to entertain fans during a rain delay. Dillian was initially restrained by the officer, who grabbed his shirt collar from behind before he was allowed to do so.

“I have sustained two instances of violations of GBPD policy by the officer involved and have ordered appropriate corrective action,” Davis said in a statement released Friday. “Out of respect for the employee’s due process rights, we are not providing further details on personnel matters.

“I apologize to Mr. Dillon for the way he was treated. We appreciate the strong relationship we have with the Packers organization and the GBPD is committed to working with the entire Green Bay community to provide the best and most professional police service possible.”

Dillon, in a tweet posted after the event, called it a “miscommunication between the parties.”

“We appreciate the Green Bay Police Department’s contact regarding the July 23 football game at Lambeau Field,” the Packers said in a statement. “We respect their process in reviewing the situation and its results. We value our partnership with the department and appreciate all they do with the Packers to ensure public safety at Lambeau Field events, including game days.

“Additionally, we appreciate AJ Dillon’s expertise in handling this matter.”


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