First loaned to a female colleague, then said – give money, otherwise spend the night with me…

First loaned to a female colleague, then said - give money, otherwise spend the night with me...
New Delhi. To get back the money borrowed, a person working in a big company in Bangalore played a disgusting game. He asked for money back from the woman working in his company and when he did not get the full amount, he said to the woman, ‘You spend the night with me, otherwise I will kill your husband.’ However, the police arrested him for threatening and kidnapping the woman’s husband.

Bangalore Mirror According to the news published in this incident, the story of this incident is a bit interesting. A 40-year-old man with a special name used to work in a big company in Bangalore. In the same company, a 30-year-old woman named Nethra Bai used to work as a receptionist. Both were working together in the company since 2017. In such a situation, both of them became friends. The friendship between the two increased so much that Vishesh had to visit Nethra’s house. She also became friends with her husband. He also started attending functions at Nethra’s house. Meanwhile, Nethra borrowed Rs 2 lakh from Vishesh.

‘If you sleep with me, I will forgive the loan’

After some time Vishesh started asking for the loan amount back from Nethra. For this he started harassing her. Also put a strange condition. He said that if you leave your husband and sleep with me, then I will forgive your loan. Although Nethra had returned one lakh rupees out of 2 a month later. He had sold his jewellery.

Woman’s husband arrested along with nephew
Vishesh started threatening him to take back the remaining Rs 1 lakh. Vishesh along with his 21-year-old nephew Suman planned to kidnap Nethra’s husband. He wanted to kidnap Nethra’s husband Bhagyawantha so that he could force Nethra to sleep with him.

Husband beat up with his companions and then kidnapped
On the day the kidnapping incident happened, Nethra was on her way home from office that evening. Then her husband’s phone reached her and she told that Vishesh had come home and was quarreling while asking for borrowed money. When Nethra reached the Konadaspura bus stop directly after taking an auto, she saw that Vishesh was holding her husband along with some companions and beating him up.

The woman alleges that during this time the special told her that either return my money immediately, otherwise leave your husband and stay with me. But when Nethra refused, Vishesh, along with his associates, forcibly put her husband in the car and fled.

police arrested
Nethra, terrified of her husband’s kidnapping, called her relatives for help. But when the husband was nowhere to be found, he immediately called the police and informed about the incident. During this he had seen the number of the car. The car was driving the particular nephew. The police gathered all the information and arrested the accused along with his nephew. At the same time, the victim was rescued safely.

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