Falguni Pathak on Neha Kakkar’s ‘Main Payal Hai Sangai’ ‘O Sajna’ Entertainment


New Delhi: Neha Kakkar recently released her new song O Sajna, a recreation of Falguni Pathak’s ‘Maine Payal Hai Sangai’ from the 90s. Ever since the song was released the singer has been trolled by netizens as they believe it has ruined the original and most of them have spoiled the nostalgia of the good old days.

Now, even singer Falguni Pathak is not impressed with Neha Kakkar’s singing of the song as she has been retweeting reels and posts criticizing the song, raising speculations that she too is on the same page with the netizens on this.

The song ‘O Sajna’ was released on 19 September. The song’s hook line and music remain the same as the original, but the rest of the lyrics have been changed. The music video features Neha, Priyank Sharma and Thanasree Varma.

Fans immediately took notice, Falguni shared all the posts criticizing the song on her Instagram stories. Among all the posts she shared, some read, “Sorry for our childhood memories being destroyed by this fear.” Another said, “Band karo ye pop. Please someone ban these autotune singers and their remakes. Another user wrote, “Thank you once again for one of my favorite classics’, and ‘Neha Kakkar’s O Sajna is terrifying.”

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Talking about recreating the song, Neha said: I sang the music video for ‘O Sajna’ and had a blast shooting it. I was very happy with the response and love the young audience gave to the teaser at the college function yesterday. It’s fun, lively and vibrant and I’m sure people will love it.

Produced by T-Series, the song marks a collaboration between Neha Kakkar, music composer Tanishq Bagshi and lyricist Johnny.

Directed by Vijay Singh and created by Bosco Leslie Martis, the video showcases fun and playful moments with Neha and Thanasree Priyank, ‘Why should boys be funny?’

The original song was released in 1999 with TV actor Vivan Patena. Check out both songs here:

Neha Kakkar’s Version:

Original version:


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