Ben Simmons says he’ll take 3 runs this season and if we put it all together the Nets will be ‘champions’.


simmons 2 g Ben Simmons says he'll take 3 runs this season and if we put it all together the Nets will be 'champions'.

You can’t have a long interview with Ben Simmons and ask him about the shoot. This is especially true if the interviewer is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. So when Simmons “The Old Man and the Three,” JJ Reddick’s podcastHis former Philadelphia 76ers teammate gave him a softball about shooting conversation to cover “all the amazing things you do.”

“I think it’s been that way for a while — it keeps coming back and you hear it from everybody all the time.” Simmons said. “And you’re like, f— hell. as, Get off my case, I’m doing other things, too. I am waiting for the best players. That’s one thing, I think people don’t respect that, and I bring it to court. Because I bring to court a lot of shit. For me, I want to win. So people don’t understand that my goal is to win. I’m not going out, I’m not trying to get this many points no matter what. My goal is to win, so I try to do everything I can during the game to make the right plays and the right reads for my team to win.

“But it’s definitely frustrating,” Simmons continued. “But it’s also one of my weaknesses, so what is it, am I going to get mad at people for saying I’m not good at something? Well, yeah, cool, I’m practicing and getting better. It is what it is, it’s just part of the game.”

This is the first time Simmons has discussed the big, glaring hole in his game. In 2020, He told Jackie MacMullen, then ESPNthat he’ll shoot 3s when he’s comfortable, that he’s “got to make it a point,” and that he “can be one of the 30 percent shooters now” but “needs to be one of the 40 percent shooters.” That same year, he told Yaron Weitzman, Dunker said standing in place is better for Philadelphia’s offense than standing in the corner, and he’s focused on “getting the best shot we can every time.” Via Fox Sports.

Redick noted that former Philadelphia coach Brett Brown publicly called out Simmons for shooting 3s, saying, “Has the shooting thing become bigger than it should be and a little bit with you?”

“Sure,” Simmons said. 100 percent They say I can’t, right? I am confused now. You don’t want me to shoot, but you want me to shoot? Like itI do not know. So that did a lot with me. But I found peace in one place, f— that, it’s basketball, I’m good at the game, I’ve got to go out there and show people what I can do. Skill. So it did for a while, and I was like I grew up a little bit.”

Then, of course, Redick asked Simmons, a member of the Brooklyn Nets, if he could shoot 3s this coming season.

“Yes, I would,” Simmons said. “I have to go out and put some on.”

Then the two start laughing, it’s unclear if Simmons is serious or not. Redick said his goal should be to make five 3s before calling it quits in a game.

“F—20 3s is a game,” Simmons said, now clearly joking. “Kevin wide open — no!”

One thing Simmons seemed really excited about: the 2022-23 Nets. In describing how he expects them to play, he Once again mentioned Redick, Marco Belinelli, Ersen Ilyasova and the 2017-18 Sixers.

“I think this team is a great fit for what I’m doing right now and what I bring to the game,” he told Redick. “As for what we had when you were there and Marco and Ersen were there, I feel like this is Billy on steroids.”

Simmons, who won’t play in an NBA game until after the 2021 playoffs, said “it’s going to be sick” to get back on the court in Brooklyn.

“I can’t wait, I’m really excited,” she said. “We’ve got a new number, a new jersey. I’m looking forward to it. I think we have a special team. If we put it all together, I think we’re going to be champions. That’s the ultimate goal.”

The Nets traded for Simmons in February, and he was expected to suit up last season before suffering a back injury. During the first round of the playoffs, All signs pointed to him returning for Game 4, but it didn’t happen. He had back surgery in May.

Simmons told Redick he hurt his back after a workout.

“So, initially I had a little sore back when I was working, and then I was going up the stairs, running up the stairs, and my right side just gave out completely,” Simmons said. “And as soon as I went up, I lay down and I couldn’t move.”

It’s “the same thing,” Simmons said He experienced 2020 in Milwaukee, an incident that left him “throwing up because I was in so much pain.” It was “not a normal situation” because he had yet to make his Nets debut and they were in the playoffs, but he wanted to play, he said.

“In practice, I knew I didn’t feel right,” he said. “My muscles, my glutes (are) not working, I can’t jump, I can’t sink. And people don’t see those things, but that’s the reality of it. And me, I’m going to play. , try to go to Game 4 or go to Game 4, I’m on the ground and I can’t even move. So it’s a real thing. And it’s frustrating for me because you guys say whatever you want. But I try to block it out. If I’m hurt, I’m hurt. I’m not trying to sit out.”

Rehabilitation is a “hard” process, Simmons said, but he only spoke of it in the past tense. He said the coaches in Brooklyn were “incredible” and the coaches were “great.”

Simmons He also talked about his time with the Sixersincluding its conclusion.



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