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Antara Srivatsava is a director who is widely known in India. She is the daughter of well-known politician, comedian and actor Raju Srivatsava, who also has the reputation of being a popular comedian. Notably, he was honored by former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam for his bravery. Let’s have a look at his complete biography included in this article.

“Antara Srivastava is a well-known name in the Hindi cinema industry who has worked in the roles of assistant director, producer, actor and costume designer. His birthday is July 24, and he was born in 1994. He started his career in Lucknow, India but later moved to Mumbai, Maharashtra to start a career in the film industry. Well-known comedian Raju Srivastava is his father and she is his daughter. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in mass media from the university. In 2006, he received the National Bravery Award for his bravery in fighting off four thieves to save his mother and jailing some of them. On May 30, 2005, the trio entered their house in Andheri. Her mother Shika, who was listening to it, was joking about being a fashion designer. As soon as Shika returned from the kitchen, the thieves tackled her and pushed her to the ground.

After that, Antara Srivastava locked the bedroom door, dialed the police control center number and shouted for help. Subsequently, a watchman and two constables came to their aid. Only one of the three criminals managed to escape, while the other two were quickly apprehended. And the fourth person who masterminded the operation successfully escaped by standing outside the house. After that, Antara was selected for the National Bravery Award in 2006 from the hands of former Honorable President Late Aul Baqir Abdul Kalam Sir. This award was given to him (APJ Abdul Kalam Sir) in recognition of his bravery.

He worked as an assistant director on the 2018 feature films “Pulton” and “Vodka Diaries” and the 2018 short film “The Job”. He has also produced some. Films including “Vodka Diaries,” on which he worked as an assistant director; “Me And I” short film released in 2017; And another short film titled “Rahaan” which he will produce but is yet to release. “Rahan” is currently in post-production and has yet to release. He played a role in the film “The Vodka Diaries”. Additionally, he worked as an assistant director and producer on this film. Additionally, Kalki was the costume designer for the short film “The Job” in which Koechlin appeared. Also, Antara Srivastava is involved in the production of this film as an assistant director.

Antara Srivastava

Antara Srivastava

Age of Antara Srivatsava

Antara’s birthday is 20th July, she was born in 1994. As on 2022, he would have turned 28 years old.

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Antara Srivatsava Height and Weight

The approximate length of Antara Srivatsava’s limbs is 165 cm and her weight is 53 kg (approx).

Antara is Srivatsava’s hometown

Antara was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. He attended Oberoi International School, Mumbai for his primary and secondary education and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Media from HR College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai. Cancer is her astrological name.

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Andara Srivatsava’s Instagram

Antara posts a ton of engaging content on her Instagram account. He is good at releasing information about his success and short film at the right time. Recently he released a statement on social media.

“Discussions that took place late into the night fueled emotions. That phrase got a lot of attention from his fans, along with the phrase, “Up and down the moon is high and the vibe is right.” Her Instagram page link is here.

Andara Srivatsava’s Instagram

In her reply to the media, she said that there are no rumors about Antara’s dating status. She is an unmarried person. The name Shika Srivastava was given to him by his mother and Raju Srivastava was given to him by his father. She is going to have a brother or sister and their name is Ayushmann Srivastava.

Career of Antara Srivatsava

In 2013, he became a producer and assistant director at Flying Dreams Entertainment Pvt.

He began working with MAK Productions in 2013 as an Assistant Director and has continued to advance in that capacity.

In 2018, she debuted in a series of films. Her first role was in Vodka Diaries, in which she was given the name Kavya.

He is multi-talented and acting is one of his many talents. Apart from being a director of movies, he also designs clothes.

In 2018, he took charge of designing the costumes for the short films “The Job” and “We Won”.

In 2018, he made his directorial debut with the film “Vodka Diaries”, in which he also assisted in the direction of the film.

After the success of “Vodka Diaries” he directed several films.

The following are some of the most popular Hindi films he has directed or produced:

Pullu – 2017

Paltan – 2018

Industry – 2018

Pataka – 2018

Special Dial – 2012

Love Birds – 2017 (Love Birds)

Me & Me – 2017

His feat of rescuing his mother from a thief is a tribute to India’s late and much-loved President Dr. Received the prestigious “National Gallantry Award” presented to him by APJ Abdul Kalam. This was the crowning glory of her life.

Antara Srivastava is a Hindi film assistant director, producer, actor and costume designer.

Antara Srivastava is a Hindi film assistant director, producer, actor and costume designer.

The Unknown Truth of Antara Srivatsava

Her passion is exploring the world.

She is good at doodling. Clearly, her Instagram post of her sketching got a lot of views.

She is going to get a dog as a pet.

Anthara’s father, whose name is “Raju Srivastava”, recently suffered a heart attack and was admitted to the hospital, the saddest event in his life now. On social media, people expressed their condolences and wished her a speedy recovery.

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