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Joel Rich was born in England to parents of British descent. Although his actual year of birth is uncertain, he is believed to have been born between 1983 and 1985. The only thing known about his horoscope is that he goes by the name Joel.

He attended North London Collegiate School, Edgware for his secondary studies and obtained an Honors Diploma there. Throughout the school day, it was a private school accepting only female students. Between 2003 and 2006, he went to the University of Birmingham to pursue a law degree. She continued her education by enrolling in a legal training course at the BPP Law School where she was already a student. He decided to focus his studies on media and entertainment, intellectual property and business and private acquisitions. In 2007, he finally got his law degree from this university.

When Johnny Debs and his ex-wife Amber Heard went to trial, Joel Rich was well known for representing Johnny Debs. During his trial, there was speculation that Johnny and Zoella were dating. Since then, things have heated up.

Depp sued the UK tabloid for defamation in 2018, and Rich was one of the lawyers who worked on the case. However, she was not part of his legal defense team when he sued his ex-wife Amber Heard for defamation earlier this year.

She was at the Virginia courthouse to show her “support” for the Oscar nominee. Two separate lawsuits filed by the Secret Window actor centered around the breakup of Depp and Heard’s marriage in 2017.

Trial proceedings did not begin until July 2020 due to delays due to the coronavirus outbreak. A $5 million verdict was awarded for compensatory and punitive damages after the jury unanimously found Herd defamed Depp. The jury found in favor of Heard in his case, awarding him $2 million in compensatory damages but no punitive damages.

Joel Rich

Joel Rich

Quick Profile

real name Joel Rich
A nickname Joel
profession Lawyer
age Late 30s
date of birth 1983-1985
birth place England
Home town England
Zodiac sign I do not know
Nationality English
religion Christianity
College University of Birmingham
PPP Law School
Hobbies travel
popular Dating Johnny Depp

Joel Rich, Johnny Depp’s Lawyer, Wiki and Bio

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

In Johnny Depp’s UK defamation case, he represented him as a lawyer.

Joel helps people and families protect their reputations and privacy both in and out of court. Joel stands by his clients during crisis situations, defending their reputation against false and malicious allegations in print, online and social media.

He is an expert in protecting people’s privacy from unwanted intrusion and media exposure. A finalist for “Future Leader in Private Client Services” at the Spears Wealth Management Awards 2021, Joel received the silver medal for “Future Leader Initiative of the Year”.

Additionally, she has a wealth of knowledge in the areas of defamation, copyright and privacy. Most recently, he presided over a high-profile defamation case and was a member of the team that successfully defended copyright and privacy in a public lawsuit.

Joel Rich is 33 years old

At this time, Joel Rich was 33 years old. His LinkedIn profile says he was born in London.

Rich is much younger than her boyfriend Johnny Depp, who is now 59. Joel is reportedly dating her despite the huge age gap.

Joel has been practicing as a lawyer for a long time. He has over ten years of experience in media law and can identify threats to clients’ reputation and privacy and come up with practical solutions to protect them.

Joel is a highly skilled attorney whose mission is to use the law to protect his clients from unreasonable intrusions into their personal or professional lives.

Zola Rich Net Worth

Zola Rich, a lawyer, has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. She must have amassed considerable wealth by working as a lawyer.

Compared to other professions, lawyers in the UK earn an average salary of $85k per year, which is higher than the national average. He has handled many important cases in the past.

A month after his marriage, Rich worked as a trainee solicitor at TLA Piper in London before joining Schillings. He specializes in media, sports and intellectual property disputes.

At the beginning of your training contract, your client involvement will be minimal and most of your administrative work will be assigned to you. Practicing lawyers are expected to work long, exhausting hours. A practice contract is the last step in a lengthy legal career application process.

Family of Joel Rich

Joel Rich is currently married, at least according to various internet sources. On the other hand, her recent relationship with her husband has not been great. According to speculations, she may have filed for divorce. She has two children whom she gave birth to in a story published in OK magazine. Unfortunately, the public does not know their names.

As per the stories about their personal relationship, there are a lot of rumors that she is seeing Johnny Depp. But none of them to my knowledge have made any kind of public response to the findings. According to the allegations, they sometimes engaged in a committed relationship rather than dating. Several claims involving Johnny Depp and a lawyer, Camille Vasquez, were made earlier this year and made the rounds. However, all those allegations turned out to be false rumours.

Joel is a strong proponent of keeping his personal information hidden from prying eyes online. In fact, one can reach his personal account by clicking on the Instagram handle he uses. Although she was born in England, her origins are linked to the United Kingdom. At this time, we are unable to get any information regarding his family including his parents and siblings.


Joel Rich continued his further studies at top universities to prepare for a career as a lawyer. After he graduated in 2007, he quickly landed a job at the prestigious law firm DLA Piper. He worked as an advocate in the legal profession for almost three years (August 2008 – July 2011).

After being offered a job at Shillings, he chose to resign from his previous job. It’s another law firm, and in many ways, it’s similar to DLA Piper. He began working with Schillings in August 2011, then as an employee. He has been a partner since joining the firm over a decade ago.

Working in the legal profession, he has a wealth of experience representing clients in defamation, privacy and copyright matters. She excels at protecting clients’ reputations from baseless and defamatory claims. He has indeed been useful to the company’s clients over the years in many critical situations. He is best known for his involvement in Johnny Depp’s defamation case against The Sun. However, the company’s client, Johnny Depp, lost his case against the newspaper group. In recognition of his significant contributions to the neighborhood, he received the silver award for “Future Leader Initiate of the Year” at the CityWealth Future Leaders 2021 Awards.

Family information about Joel Rich

According to the story, Joel Rich had a family with her first husband, but they separated when she met Johnny Depp during the trial.

A source says that when Joel met the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor, she was already married, but now she is divorcing her husband.

The ages of Joel’s children are not clear, however, based on his age, they could be between 7 and 10 years old. Joel’s divorce from his wife may be due to unknown factors.

Update on Joel Rich and Johnny Depp dating speculation amid trial

Joel Rich

Joel Rich

There is speculation that Johnny Depp has started dating again following his trial. People speculate that she is dating her lawyer, Joel Rich, who helped her sue her for defamation of the publication.

During his public defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard, Depp fans wanted him to date his lawyer Camille Vasquez. Despite their on-screen connection, Vasquez denied being romantically involved with her client.

Page Six revealed on Thursday that Depp is dating one of her lawyers, Joel.

The London-based privacy lawyer is not on the actor’s legal team in the US case against ex-wife Amber Heard. Still, Rich was on court in Virginia for help, and an insider says their friendship has warmed.

She has no professional obligation to appear in court. “It’s personal,” the insider told the magazine.

A few questions

What is Joel Rich’s net worth?

Zola’s net worth hasn’t been talked about, but the attorney may be worth less than $1 million.

How old is Joel Rich?

Joel Rich is currently 33 years old. According to his LinkedIn account, he was born in London.

How many members are there in Joel Rich’s family?

Joel Rich had a family with her previous husband, but she separated. They have two children together

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